solar panel installers with Buff Coolnet uv neck gaiter
Case Study: solar panel installers

The problem:

Working outdoors in all kinds of weather is always tough, no matter what job you have, but add in the risk of working on rooftops and the safety, comfort and protection challenges are even greater. For the photovoltaic panel installers of Innover, exposure to UV radiation, strong winds, cold and inclement weather in combination with the technical challenges of their jobs made finding the right protective gear a crucial element of doing their jobs in safety and comfort. That’s where we knew BUFF® Safety products could make a real difference.

Our solution:

Being aware of the problems faced by the Innover Team, we offered two different solutions aimed at protecting their installers and improving their safety and comfort while at work on the roof.

CoolNet UV®: The combined versatility and protective qualities make it the perfect solution for working in the heat. As it’s very light PPE with UPF50 certification, we suggested it for use during the hottest months of the year when there is an elevated risk of UV Radiation. Also, we demonstrated how their workers could take advantage of its versatility by using it either as a face mask, balaclava or headband, to extend the UV protection to different parts of their head.

Windproof: Wind and cold are also serious elements to be considered when on the building’s roofs, we suggested that the Innover Team use our Windproof Neck Gaiter for the colder months and windy days. Thanks to its Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper membrane, this product blocks the passage of the wind, to provide both protection and comfort while working in challenging conditions. 

The benefits:

Our BUFF® Safety products proved to be a success on all fronts for the Innover team, enabling their installers to work with a higher degree of both safety and comfort. Watch the video below to see the team in action and hear directly from them what they thought of their new safety gear.


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