Energy is a basic input in the overwhelming majority of production and consumption activities in our society. As such, the Energy Industry as a whole is a principal driver of industrial growth in the world today. It involves all the other sectors that participate in the production and sale of energy: Oil and Gas, Coal, Electrical Power, Petroleum, and Renewable Energy. However, the Energy Industry also poses various safety risks for its millions of workers. Workplace hazards in the Oil and Gas Industry as well as the other sectors of the Energy Industry are many and could be life threatening. Energy Industry PPE that meets the level of protection these workers require is imperative.
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Workers in the Energy Industry—Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Electric Power— are exposed to life-threatening hazards as they perform routine tasks. Needless to say, it is the duty of their employers to ensure a safe environment by mitigating the risks related to these hazards. And the right personal protective equipment (PPE), matched to the workplace hazards, is crucial to ensuring the safety of these workers.
Companies should first of all ensure that safety regulations are observed so that hazards are reduced or eliminated. But the proper Energy Industry PPE is the final line of defense the workers will have in cases where eliminating the hazards is impossible.
BUFF® Safety has a range of Energy Industry PPE that provides protection against the specific hazards found in the workplace. BUFF® Safety offers electric arc flash protective equipment, wind protective equipment, and flame-retardant and fire-resistant protective equipment.
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BUFF® Safety has a range of Energy and Utilities PPE for workers in the different sectors of the Energy Industry. Drillers, derrickmen, riggers, wind turbine technicians, solar panel installers, and linemen, among others, can benefit from the protection offered by BUFF® Safety products.
BUFF® Safety Multifunctional Neckwear can be worn in more than 10 different ways—as a covering for the neck and/or nose, or as a covering for the entire head. Most products are also seamless to avoid skin irritation or abrasions. It is important that PPE is easy to use and comfortable as workers use it throughout the day. If the PPE is uncomfortable to wear, it is likely that the worker will take it off and continue working without it, increasing their chance of being exposed to workplace hazards.
Have a look at this selection of recommended products from the BUFF® Safety collection for the Energy Industry:
Arc Protect + FR Balaclava and Multifunctional Neckwear: ideal for workers in the electrical industry; protect from thermal risks derived from an electrical arc flash, heat, and flames, among others.
Fire Resistant Multifunctional Neckwear: perfect for workers who require protection from heat, flames, thermal hazards, and other potentially explosive substances
Modacryl FR Balaclava and Multifunctional Neckwear: ideal for workers in the Chemical as well as Oil and Gas Industries; offer full head protection from heat, flames and thermal hazards; lightweight, especially recommended for hot weather conditions
Fire Resistant Hat: best for workers requiring fire and antistatic protection; features fire resistance and antistatic performance in a single layer of fabric
Top products for Energy Industry
Fire Resistant
Arc Protect + FR
Arc Protect + FR Balaclava
Modacryl Balaclava Yellow Fluor
Fire Resistant Polar Paris Blue
Fire Resistant Hat
Windproof R-Yellow Fluor
Coolnet UV R-Yellow Fluor
Underhelmet Yellow Fluor


Explore all our PPE product families in detail and find relevant information about our brand, PPE certificates, technologies, etc.

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BUFF® Safety fire-resistant hat, neck gaiters, and balaclavas are manufactured using the highest quality fabrics that meet international standards for personal protective equipment.
The BUFF® Safety Fire Resistant Multifunctional Neckwear and Fire Resistant Hat use Nomex® by DuPontTM. Nomex® has flame-retardant properties, is resistant to high temperatures, and will not melt, drip, or combust in air. And the flame resistance of Nomex® is inherent, meaning it is engineered into the fiber's molecular structure, so it will last the life of the garment.
The fabric used to manufacture the BUFF® Arc Protect + FR Tubular and BUFF® Arc Protect + FR Balaclava is certified to protect against flames, heat, thermal contraction, and heat transfer under NFPA 2112-12 for flame-resistant clothing. It has an Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) of 21.3 cal/cm² tested under the following American Standards:
ASTM F1506-15: specifies the minimum flame resistance of textiles used in protective clothing intended for electrical workers “to protect against exposure to momentary electric arc flash and other thermal hazards” ASTM F1959/ F1959M-14: standard test for measuring the arc rating of materials for clothing
View our product certifications and learn more about the commitment BUFF® has to designing and producing only the highest quality headwear and neckwear for the Energy Industry.
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While it is every company’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers, those that make it a priority should be proud of this commitment. This is the reason why BUFF® Safety offers customization options that will allow companies to provide their employees with personal protective equipment that carries their brand. Any BUFF® standard product can be printed with the client’s company logo, fully customized with a design or pattern, and dyed in any color.
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