Reduced visibility at work puts employees at increased risk of various accidents. Taking protective measures to ensure your workers are visible on site in low visibility conditions greatly increases hi-vis safety, minimizes the chances of accidents, and can even save lives. Significantly decrease low visibility dangers with BUFF® Safety retro-reflective and hi-vis fluor color headwear and neckwear.
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In low visibility conditions, it's imperative to provide appropriate clothing, including high visibility headwear, as additional protection against accidents. It increases the visibility of the wearer in situations where other parts of the body might be obscured. The BUFF® Knitted & Polar Fluor Hat is a high visibility hat with a reflective band at the bottom on both sides that offers optimal performance in cold climates with reduced visibility – ideal for cleaning, construction, and road work.
Some designs of BUFF® high visibility neck gaiters and tubulars with additional features such as moisture management, elasticity, thermal insulation, water repellency, and cooling effect, depending on the specific product, incorporate two stripes of 3M ScotchliteTM retro-reflective fabric for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. Reflective elements are also incorporated in the windproof reflective hat and pack caps. For daytime visibility enhancement in natural sunlight, the BUFF® Safety line offers a range of tubulars, arm sleeves, caps, hats, and Modacryl FR Balaclava in fluorescent colors.
Professionals seeking a customized option can order a specified design, print, or pattern and add 3M ScotchliteTM retro-reflective stripes to increase garment visibility, or create a reflective printed transfer with the company logo or brand name, and purchase BUFF® high visibility headwear and neckwear for the whole team. Learn more about customized hi-vis products by BUFF® Safety.
Products for protection against low visibility
Coolnet UV R-Yellow
Polar R-Orange
Modacryl Balaclava Yellow
Knitted & Polar Reflective Hat Orange
Windproof R-Yellow Fluor
Original R-Yellow Fluor
Thermonet Orange
Pack Cap Yellow
Modacryl Yellow


Find in this brochure a selection of recommended BUFF® Safety products for LOW VISIBILITY PROTECTION

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Retro-reflective fabric is created to reflect light back towards the light's source. Therefore, a hi-vis garment will effectively reflect light beams in low visibility conditions. Some of BUFF® products have different retro-reflective applications that glow white when illuminated by approaching vehicles.
3M Scotchlite™ reflective fabric used to enhance BUFF® high visibility headwear and neckwear provides durability and exceptional quality, combined with ultra-stretch fabric for improved comfort and fit, UPF 50 protection, and recycled PrimaLoft® fleece or top technology by Gore-tex®, depending on the product and intended job specifics and weather conditions.
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Assessing potential hazards workers can face at the worksite helps to determine whether the environmental and other conditions are a danger to their health and safety. Occupations with poor visibility conditions are at a high risk of hazardous situations caused by workers not being seen, resulting in impact with vehicles or heavy machinery, and other serious accidents. That includes construction workers, airport personnel, public works employees, and emergency service providers, among other professionals.
Low visibility occurs with heavy precipitation, fog, dust, smoke, or low lighting putting workers at increased risk – especially around moving vehicles and heavy machinery. Health and safety regulations at workplaces subject to these conditions require the use of high visibility safety apparel and accessories as part of personal protective equipment. Significantly decrease low visibility dangers at work with professional high visibility headwear and neckwear by BUFF® Safety.
Frequently Asked Questions
3M Scotchlite™ retro-reflective material glows white when illuminated by approaching vehicles and ensures that the wearer appears the most visible for an observer near the light source by directly returning a large amount of light. The material comes with great dawn, dusk, and nighttime benefits.
Low visibility work conditions include heavy precipitation, fog, dust, smoke, or low lighting, putting workers at increased risk – especially around moving vehicles and heavy machinery. Occupations subject to such conditions are construction workers, airport personnel, public works employees, emergency service providers, and other professionals.
A range of products from the BUFF® Safety collection incorporates 3M ScotchliteTM retro-reflective stripes or a reflective band, or feature designs that come in fluorescent colors to increase the garment's and wearer's visibility. BUFF® Safety team recommends extending the coverage as much as possible for enhanced visibility by wearing a neck gaiter as a face mask or balaclava, and similar.
The Arm Sleeves in Yellow Fluor colour, have been certified as Personal Protective Equipment against risks resulting from low daytime visibility in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/425 and in compliance with Standards EN ISO 13688:2013 General Requirements, and EN 17353:2020 Protective clothing. Other BUFF® Safety hi-vis products (neck gaiters, beanies, caps and balaclavas) are just considered accessories with protective properties against risks in low visibility conditions. However, they do not reach the minimum surface area for the wearer to be seen therefore can't be certified as high visibility PPE. However, the enhanced visibility performance features have been tested on the fabric in accordance with the following test standards: chromaticity coordinate, CIE 15; colour fastness of fluorescent material, contrasts and combination, ISO 105-X12 (colour fastness to rubbing), ISO 105-E04 (colour fastness to perspiration), ISO 105-C06 (colour fastness to domestic laundering); photometric performance of retroreflective and combined materials (CIE 54.2). As long as workers wear certified protective clothing, BUFF® Safety products contribute to enhanced visibility.


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