Airfreight, airlines, marine, road and rail, logistics, and transportation infrastructure – workers in all of the widely diverse transportation sectors require multifunctional protective gear as part of their personal protective equipment. Ensure additional protection within the logistics and transportation industry PPE with high-grade neckwear and headwear by BUFF® Safety designed for any job specifics and weather conditions.
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Occupations in the transportation and logistics industry often require outdoor work in high-risk environments and extreme weather conditions. The potential hazards vary from slip-and-fall accidents to impacts with moving vehicles or falling objects to cold-related injuries or heat stress. To achieve optimal safety and comfort on the job, employers are responsible for providing appropriate PPE to the employees, which includes face, head, and neck protective equipment suitable for use in the particular workplace.
The most important transportation industry PPE feature is high visibility. Port and dock workers, forklift operators, freight shipping handlers, longshoremen and stevedores, airport ground crew, road and railroad workers, and other transportation and logistics industry personnel without proper high reflective equipment are at a much higher risk of impact with vehicles or heavy machinery and other serious accidents at the worksite. Health and safety regulations at these workplaces require the use of high visibility reflective materials. Daytime visibility is enhanced with fluorescent clothing and accessories, while nighttime operations call for PPE with reflective elements.
Additionally, outdoor employees must be protected against cold and heat. PPE layering is important for maintaining the body temperature in cold weather, with layers that offer moisture management, insulation, and wind and water protection. Headwear and neckwear that provide thermal insulation and wick away moisture allow for cold risks to be minimized or avoided. Hot weather and exposure to direct sunlight can result in heat stress. In these cases, proper work safety measures include appropriate clothing that offers both comfort and sun protection.
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BUFF® Safety offers professional headwear and neckwear for transportation industry PPE to provide comfort and protect workers against various workplace and weather hazards.
Significantly decrease dangers in low light conditions with BUFF® Safety high-reflective equipment: retro-reflective and fluorescent color headwear and neckwear. The BUFF® Knitted & Polar Reflective Hat with two retro-reflective bands offers optimal performance in cold climates with lower visibility. Some neck gaiter designs with additional features such as moisture management, elasticity, thermal insulation, water repellency, and cooling effect, depending on the specific product, incorporate two 3M ScotchliteTM retro-reflective stripes. The BUFF® Safety collection also features winter neckwear and headwear in hi-vis fluorescent colors for enhanced visibility.
BUFF® Safety Polar range made with PrimaLoft® fleece is certified as PPE. Made of recycled polyester, PrimaLoft® material is extremely light, quick-drying, and breathable. The multifunctional natural Merino Wool or ThermoNet® neck gaiters offer high thermal insulation against cold weather and are designed without any seams to obtain maximum comfort, preventing skin irritation.
The BUFF® Safety face, head, and neck protective equipment also offers UV protection and cooling properties. The CoolNet® UV Multifunctional Neckwear is the ideal accessory to avoid heat-related risks while doing high-intensity outdoor jobs in hot weather. BUFF® highly breathable underhelmets are constructed to wick away moisture fast and efficiently. With advanced technology designed for convenience, the lightweight Pack Cap and Pack Bimini Cap can be folded inside a hand without losing shape and will protect against UV radiation.
Top products for transportation
Pack Bimini Cap
Windproof R-Yellow Fluor
Knitted & Polar Reflective Yellow
Polar Hat Yellow Fluor
Polar Balaclava
Crosstech Balaclava
Thermonet Orange Fluor
Original R-Orange Fluor


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Companies in the Transportation and Logistics industry seeking a customized option can order a specified design, print, or pattern and add 3M ScotchliteTM retro-reflective stripes to increase garment visibility, or create a printed transfer with the company name and logo or other specification, and purchase BUFF® Safety headwear and neckwear for all their employees. The company can provide the custom design or the BUFF® team can create one.
Request a quote for more information about customized BUFF® Safety products for the transportation and logistics industry.
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BUFF® Safety products have been developed with the latest in-house production technologies that can be applied to headwear accessories to achieve an optimal fit, improved breathability, and quick-drying properties.
Some BUFF® Safety products have different retro-reflective applications and 3M Scotchlite™ stripes that glow white when illuminated by vehicle lights. The reflective headwear and neckwear provide durability and exceptional quality, combined with ultra-stretch fabric for improved comfort and fit, UPF 50 protection, and recycled PrimaLoft® fleece or top technology by Gore-tex®, depending on the product and intended job specifics and weather conditions.
The fabric from the Polar, Polar Neckwarmer, Polar Hat, and Polar Balaclava families has been tested and complies with the thermal resistance (RCT) and air permeability (AP) standards under UNE-EN 14058:2017 regarding “Protective clothing – Garments for protection against cool environments,” obtaining a performance level of RCT class 1, and AP class 1 (AP>100). ThermoNet®, a top tech innovation by BUFF®, is an in-house developed fabric that brings together the knitting tradition with technical yarns from partners at PrimaLoft®, resulting in an extremely thin, lightweight fabric that retains body heat while wicking moisture away. Similarly, 100% Merino Wool Multifunctional Neckwear offers high versatility, comfort, and absorption capacity.


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