Law enforcement officers expose themselves to a myriad of dangers and challenges as they commit their lives to ensuring public safety. From crowd control to disaster response and pursuit of criminals, law enforcement professionals risk their own safety to protect the general public. Surely, they deserve the highest level of protection from the best law enforcement gear.
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The high-risk environment of law enforcement requires personal protective equipment (PPE) that matches the risks involved. Where personal attacks are a threat, protection from cuts is a must. And when accidents or natural disasters take place, fire is an expected hazard that responders should be prepared for. BUFF® Safety has cut + fire resistant gear that will complete any law enforcement equipment kit designed to protect against cuts and fire. The cut-resistant fiber used in BUFF® Safety is the best in the market and reduces the risk of cuts while still providing comfort when used as part of law enforcement uniforms. Dyneema® is a highly advanced fiber that is 15 times stronger than steel. Yet, fabrics made with Dyneema® are even lighter than competitor brands. Nomex® has flame-retardant properties, is resistant to high temperatures, and will not melt, drip, or combust in air. And the flame resistance of Nomex® is inherent, meaning it is engineered into the fiber's molecular structure, so it will last the life of the garment. The BUFF® Safety Cut-Resistant Neckwear is certified under EN388:2016 and EN ISO 13688/13 while the BUFF® Safety Cut + Fire-Resistant Neckwear is certified under EN ISO 11612/15 and EN 1149-5/18. View our PPE certifications and learn more about the commitment BUFF® Safety has to designing and producing only the highest quality products that meet safety standards.
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Duty calls at any time of the day or night, and in all weather conditions. That's why duty gear that delivers in all possible scenarios is paramount. BUFF® Safety law enforcement gear will be a great part of any tactical gear pack for this reason.
Working in cold environments poses the risk of hypothermia, and windy conditions will increase this risk even more. Meanwhile, prolonged sun exposure poses the risk of heat stress that could cause officers to lose concentration and have difficulty fulfilling their mission. Without the proper duty gear, officers can easily suffer from heat stress and be prevented from performing optimally.
BUFF® Safety has a collection of multifunctional neckwear, hats, caps, and balaclavas that are breathable, windproof, water repellent, and have up to UPF 50 sun protection that will protect any on- or off-duty police officer from the cold, sun, or wind
Top products for Law Enforcement Agencies
Cut + Fire Resistant
Fire Resistant
Modacryl Balaclava
Modacryl FR Solid Black
Coolnet UV Solid Navy
Pack Cap Solid Navy
Windproof R-Navy
Windproof R-Navy Fluor
Knitted & Polar Solid Dark Navy


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Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is an indication of how much UV radiation a fabric permits to pass through. A headwear that is rated UPF 50, like the BUFF® Pack Cap, only allows 1/50th of the sun's rays to reach the wearer's skin. That is 98% head protection against the harmful rays of the sun, not to mention that it’s very easy to pack and carry in the case of the pack cap. When exposure to low temperatures is expected, a headwear that regulates moisture and helps the wearer stay warm is indispensable. BUFF® Safety offers maximum protection for the head and neck. And that’s why every day, more and more law enforcement agencies around the world trust BUFF® products to protect their officers.
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Law enforcement agencies can order customized BUFF® Safety PPE with the name of their organization or units transfer printed on the products. They can also have them dyed in a specific color or fully customized with a unique design or pattern. The organization can provide a custom design or the BUFF® team can create one for them.
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