Protecting the firefighter underneath
Once the alarm sounds, it's go time. Firefighters have just minutes to slip into their fire protection gear with one task at hand upon reaching the scene – protect those in distress. Be safe in knowing that the task of protecting the firefighter is already covered. Reduce firefighters’ exposure to hazardous elements with certified firefighter hoods and other protective neck gaiters, hats, and head covers for professional use by BUFF® Safety.
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Importance of quality firefighter ppe
There are various hazards posed to firefighters by exposure to open flames, smoke, soot, and other dangers while providing the wide variety of services that comprise a firefighter’s job. To mitigate any type of risks that might occur, adequate, high-class personal protective equipment (PPE), including firefighter balaclavas, is a must for firefighter protection. No other area of the firefighters' PPE requires more attention than the interface areas from the neck up. It's critical for every firefighter's protection to have a fire-resistant balaclava hood of sufficient length and proper degree of elasticity under a helmet that fits properly, providing comfort in high-intensity situations.
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BUFF® Safety Division is aware of the vital importance of effective protection in high-risk work environments involving thermal hazards such as contact and radiant heat, flashover, flames, and potentially explosive substances, and has made it their mission to manufacture the highest quality firefighting hoods for structural firefighters that provide ultimate on-the-job protection and exceptional comfort.
Designed for professional use, BUFF® Safety also offers other technologically advanced accessories for head and neck protection – fire-resistant hats, balaclavas, and multifunctional neck gaiters from high-quality fabrics that can work perfectly in conjunction with the rest of the firefighter’s personal protective equipment.
For cold-weather firefighting and rescue team outdoor training in cold conditions, there is a range of warm and comfortable FR neckwear and headwear.
Top products for firefighters
Firefighter Particulate Hood
Fire Resistant
ThermoNet Solid Navy
Pack Bimini Cap Solid Navy


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Introducing BUFF® Safety into the firefighter PPE means benefiting from advanced fire-protection technology ensured by the fire-resistant and antistatic properties of the fibers. The Firefighter Hood offers superior protection and comfort due to two layers of a lightweight, breathable fabric blend of DuPontTM Aramid Fibres and Viscose FR®. NOMEX® by DuPontTM is an inherently high-temperature and flame-resistant fiber with ultra-high resistance against melting, dripping, or combustion that provides reliable firefighter safety during exposure to any extreme hazards they face on the job. Durable, comfortable, lightweight, with excellent breathability, a fire hood made with NOMEX® is the base protective layer underneath the turnout gear.
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Professionals seeking a customized option can order a specified design, print, or pattern, or add 3M ScotchliteTM retro-reflective stripes to increase garment visibility for cold-weather accessories, or create a printed transfer with the company logo and purchase BUFF® Safety firefighter headwear and neckwear for the whole team. Fire departments can provide their own custom design or the BUFF® team can create one. Upon request, the Firefighter Hood is available in the color Desert Tan.
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