The construction industry recorded the highest number of preventable fatal injuries in 2019, according to the US-based nonprofit National Safety Council. Meanwhile, the mining sector experienced the second highest casualty rates per 100,000 workers in the same year. These two industries are undeniably some of the most dangerous sectors, where workers require the highest quality safety equipment to protect themselves while on the job. BUFF® Safety has a range of Construction and Mining PPE that can provide the protection these workers need.
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Some of the most common hazards on construction and mining sites are electricity and high temperatures as well as UV exposure when working outdoors in the sun. When electricity is involved, fire and explosion are always a threat. And working for long hours under the heat of the sun poses the risk of heat stress. Hence, construction safety equipment that protects workers from arc flashes, fire, extreme heat, and harmful UV rays are a must. Moreover, fire and explosion are also common hazards that construction workers and miners should be protected from. These workers are at risk of hypothermia from working in very cold environments, especially in the winter, and of injury from manipulating machinery and equipment in the dark. Proper construction and mining safety equipment that features highly reflective materials and provides protection from the cold are essential.
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As various workplace hazards pose different risks, proper construction safety equipment and mining safety equipment means the protection offered by the PPE corresponds to the hazards involved.
Construction workers such as carpenters, glaziers, and roofers can work under the sun for long periods and be at risk of heat stress and the dangers of UV exposure. The BUFF® CoolNet® UV Multifunctional Neckwear and Pack Bimini Cap offer UPF 50 sun protection for construction workers, while the BUFF® Underhelmet offers extra breathability and comfort. All of them are valuable inclusions in the construction safety equipment kit for these workers.
BUFF® Polar Neck Gaiter offers protection for drillers and blasters in cold environments. It is ideal as mining safety PPE in low visibility conditions specifically, as it can come with 3M ScotchliteTM retro-reflective stripes and HI-VIS fluorescent colors for enhanced visibility.
BUFF® Fire Resistant Multifunctional Neckwear and Fire Resistant Hat feature fire resistance, antistatic qualities, and extra comfort for workers exposed to fire hazards in their work environment or because of the tools they use.
Top products for Construction & Mining
Pack Bimini Cap
Knitted & Polar Reflective hat
Thermonet Orange Fluor
Original R-Orange Fluor
Windproof R-Yellow Fluor
Polar Hat Yellow Fluor
Fire Resistant Red
Polar Balaclava
Arc Protect + FR Balaclava
Pack Cap Yellow Fluor


Explore all our PPE product families in detail and find relevant information about our brand, PPE certificates, technologies, etc.

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BUFF® Safety products are PPE certified to offer protection for construction and mining workers in sunny, cold, and warm environments, and from hazards specific to their jobs.
The BUFF® Fire Resistant Multifunctional Neckwear and Fire Resistant Hat use Nomex® by DuPontTM. Nomex® has flame-retardant properties, is resistant to high temperatures, and will not melt, drip, or combust in air. And the flame resistance of Nomex® is inherent, meaning it is engineered into the fiber's molecular structure, so it will last the life of the garment.
The fabric used for the Polar family—neck gaiters, hats, and balaclavas—complies with the thermal resistance (RCT) and air permeability (AP) standard under UNE EN 14058:2017 for “Protective clothing – Garments for protection against cool environments.”
The fabric of the CoolNet® UV Multifunctional Neckwear and Pack Bimini Cap has been tested for UV protection in accordance with the standard AS/NZS 4399:2017 “Sun protective clothing – Evaluation and classification” and certified to block 98% of UV (UPF 50).
View our product certifications and learn more about the commitment BUFF® has to providing only the highest quality headwear and neckwear for the Construction and Mining Industry.
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While it is every company’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers, those that make it a priority should be proud of this commitment. This is the reason why BUFF® Safety offers customization options that will allow companies to provide their employees with personal protective equipment that carries their brand. Any BUFF® standard product can be printed with the client’s company logo, fully customized with a design or pattern, and dyed in any color.
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