The BUFF® Safety origins
The BUFF® Safety division was born in 2006, focused from the start on the sale of products for the workplace. Shortly after, it managed to win its first public tender and was the brand that equipped the Spanish Air Force with its accessories.
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It started out with 4 families of products with a total of 24 different product references (different colours, prints…) and since then it hasn’t stopped growing. It currently has a total of 38 product families and 128 references. In 2010, BUFF® Safety added the first family of PPE-certified products to its catalogue for the first time; the iconic Fire Resistant product that, ever since it was first created, has been and continues to be the division’s best seller.
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Today, there are already 33 BUFF® Safety product families that are certified as PPE, offering unique protection against the most serious occupational risks.
More and more customers around the world trust the safety, quality and comfort of its products. From public administrations (army, police, firefighters, emergency and rescue services, infrastructure maintenance services…) to large multinational companies from different sectors as well as individual professionals. Given the growth that this division has experienced in recent years, Original BUFF® has decided to expand and further strengthen the company’s internal departments that are focused on the design of professional products, R&D development and quality improvement, in addition to building up its commercial and marketing areas.
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Our history
Joan Rojas was a born maverick, a man who embraced the unconventional and eagerly faced new challenges in his path. It all started around 1991, when Joan chose a different path: the one taken by those who want to make a difference. The military headwear he used to protect himself from the cold and wind on his motorcycle bothered him, so he decided to improve on this essential accessory for his rides along the roads of Igualada. He sketched and researched day after day until landing on the solution: a seamless microfiber tube. The company was founded in 1992, and the first batch of our iconic product hit the market under the brand name BUFF®. The new product was a success with his family and friends, and Joan decided to continue along the alternative path he started a year earlier. In 1995 he started selling his tube at several locations across Europe. Today, the brand operates in 79 countries through exclusive distributors for a total of 90% of our market share.
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International expansion
Our international expansion has grown along with our family, both at our headquarters and at our subsidiaries in Germany, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. And our product and business lines have reflected this expansion. BUFF® products currently include an annual collection of headwear and neckwear available in a range of colors and designs in addition to customdesign prints. After incorporating new fabrics from leading brands, we expanded our catalog with a range of products under our sports, lifestyle, and professional lines.
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Production Process
Original BUFF® was born in Igualada, 60 kilometers away from Barcelona. Today, our headquarters continue located in this famous textile industry region. From here, we design all our new collections and we also produce many of our most popular products. Our headquarters consist of a 8.000 sq/m space where most of our processes are centralized. Factory and offices are close to each other in order to provide the highest quality to our products. In 2016, we opened our new offices to keep pace with our growth.
Disponemos de unas instalaciones modernas, donde las oficinas y la fábrica central de BUFF® están conectadas en un espacio de más de 8.000 m². De esta forma, tenemos el control de la mayor parte de los procesos de diseño, distribución y producción. En 2016 inauguramos un nuevo edificio, preparado para seguir el ritmo de nuestro crecimiento.


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