Army, Special Forces, Security Services—the servicemen and servicewomen deployed on various missions must be prepared and fully equipped for the different types of hazards they may face on the field. It is imperative that army PPE offers the protection required in every operation. BUFF® Safety has a range of multifunctional neckwear and headwear that protects against the common hazards military personnel encounter.
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Military PPE has to perform reliably in a variety of conditions: from hot to cold climates, wilderness to urban environments, and routine service and reconnaissance missions to open combat. BUFF® Safety products offer a level of protection and comfort suitable for use as army PPE and applicable across different environments.
Featuring cut and fire resistance, seamless fit, and great temperature and moisture management, our garments are trusted by several military and law enforcement agencies from different parts of the world. BUFF® Safety has a collection of tactical hoods, camo neck gaiters, military winter hats, military hoods, and assault balaclavas that will complement any military PPE gear pack.
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Army PPE implies a dependable level of protection against impact and the elements. BUFF® Safety products are made using high-quality and technologically advanced materials that withstand harsh weather conditions as well as heat and flames contact. The fabrics that we use to manufacture BUFF® Safety products also offer superior breathability and antimicrobial protection. This makes them comfortable to wear underneath tactical headgear or helmets for long periods.
BUFF® Merino Wool, ThermoNet® feat. Primaloft®, and Gore-Tex® accessories will help keep military personnel warm and comfortable in cold environments. Meanwhile, Fastwick Extra Plus and CoolNet® UV Multifunctional Neckwear with HeiQ Smart Temp Technology will keep them cool in hot weather.
The BUFF® Fire Resistant Multifunctional Neckwear and Fire Resistant Hat are manufactured with Nomex® by DuPontTM. Nomex® has flame-retardant properties, is resistant to high temperatures, and will not melt, drip, or combust in air. Moreover, the flame resistance of Nomex® is inherent, meaning it is engineered into the fiber's molecular structure, so it will last the life of the garment.
The BUFF® Safety Cut Resistant Neckwear is manufactured using Dyneema®, which is a highly advanced fiber that is 15 times stronger than steel yet makes for lightweight fabrics.
Top products for Military
Modacryl Balaclava
Fire Resistant
Original Camo Military
Cut + Fire Resistant
Merino Wool Cedar
Merino Wool Thermal Hat Cedar
Knitted & Polar Hat Solid Military


Explore all our PPE product families in detail and find relevant information about our brand, PPE certificates, technologies, etc.

Military organizations can order customized BUFF® Safety Military PPE with their coat of arms or some other emblem transfer printed as part of the design. They can also have them dyed in a specific color or fully customized with a unique design or pattern. The organization can provide a custom design or the BUFF® team can create one for them.
Request a quote for more information on customized BUFF® Safety products for the military.
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BUFF® takes safety seriously. From designing to manufacturing our products, we ensure that each piece meets international standards established to guarantee its level of protection, performance, durability, and comfort. View our product certifications and learn more about the commitment BUFF® has to providing only the highest quality Military PPE.


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