How to choose your neck warmer?

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No matter what winter activity you are enjoying, that uncomfortable gap between your body and the coat can truly ruin your day.

Your head and your neck are crucial parts to cover when outdoors because they have a major role in regulating your body temperature.

That’s when the BUFF® team comes to the rescue by giving you the best tips for one of the most important clothing accessories pieces you can’t miss from your closet: a neck warmer.

We help you choose your next neck warmer to keep yourself nice and cozy from the elements.

3 main aspects to consider for your neck warmer

This is what you need to check when choosing a neck warmer:

  • Fit: It should not be uncomfortably tight, nor too loose, to ensure comfort and protection from the elements. Check how much you can stretch it; the ideal neck warmer should be able to cover your cheeks, chin, and mouth.
  • Fabric: There is a wide range of fabrics used for neck warmers, from fleece to more technical materials, and natural fibers like Merino wool.
  • Specific features depending on use: The purposes for which you’ll be using it will drastically change which neck warmer is most suitable for you.

The 3 considerations are interconnected, so let’s go over them in more detail!

How it fits

Even though it might seem like just a fabric neck tube, there is more involved when choosing a neck warmer.

How thick the fabric is important to consider when choosing one as this affects stretchability. It’s always good to check how stretchy or long it is, to protect your face from dust and sun, or even more critical, rain and snow.

For instance, at BUFF® we sustainably produce different types of fits for our neck warmers. Some of them are thicker and stylish for a stroll in the city, but others are fit and lightweight for the best performance on the slopes or during a winter hike.

Type of fabric

Some winter adventurers will prioritize breathability above all, while others want maximum warmth. Moreover, there are the ones who want the perfect style.

But, no matter what type of outdoorsy fellow you are, there is a feature you can’t look over when choosing a neck warmer, and that’s what the fabric is made of.

Here are the fabrics our experts from BUFF® recommend you:

From natural fabrics

There is no better feeling than reusing what Mother Nature gives us in the most respectful ways. Our Merino wool and fleece options are the perfect sustainable choice because of the cruelty-free, ethically sourced treatment.

  • Merino wool: a classic option that never goes out of style thanks to the high-performing thermal regulation that it offers and the soft, no-itchy feeling. Plus, Merino wool has improved versatility versus synthetic fabrics. That’s why you can find a huge variety of weights, from lightweight to heavyweight.
  • Fleece: the ultimate natural version for the most sensitive to the cold. Soft, thick yet light; it’s the proof that cozy warmth doesn’t mean uncomfortable weight.

Choose Merino wool or Fleece if: you’re a hiker all year round and need different neck warmers depending on the season, for snow sports beginners, but also for expert outdoor adventure-seekers that like to spend long hours out, and for families.

Check some of our Merino options.

From synthetic fabrics

Made from recycled plastic bottles, these synthetic materials are flawlessly created by outdoor enthusiasts to outdoor enthusiasts. You can have the best performance during your winter activities. Some of these neck warmers are so thin, you can put them under your helmet.

  • Polar fleece: who would have thought that a microfiber could feel as soft as a puppy? Yet, there you have it. Polar fleece from recycled bottles can make you forget about the cold, the wind, and the rain.
  • ThermoNet® and PrimaLoft®: After years of research, they have come up with the ideal solution for those who want to challenge the cold. ThermoNet® and PrimaLoft® are extremely lightweight, technical yarns for the outdoor enthusiast who wants maximum performance even in the coldest environments. These fabrics are 4 times warmer than regular microfiber and have advanced moisture wicking to keep you dry no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

These technical fabrics are ideal for extreme adventurers, skiers, snowboarders, or mountain climbers.

Specific features depending on use

Your neck warmer can be very good quality, but if it’s not the one suited for your activities, then we are back to square one.

We have listed the top-notch features for the main cold weather activities. For instance, for the winter sports:

  • Extra-heat trapping
  • Breathability
  • UV protection

For running and cycling, on the other hand:

  • Lightweight material
  • Quick-dry features
  • Wind-protection

Although, we don’t want to keep the city lovers out. We have incredible neck warmers that have a cozy, thick style that can match all your outfits when going out for a winter stroll.

All BUFF® neck warmers

As you can see, choosing the right neck warmer for your next activity is crucial to enjoy it completely.

Here at BUFF® we offer a wide range of warm, breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying neck warmers.

Plus, we produce them sustainably and locally, so we do not harm animals or the environment when we make them.

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