Unveiling Nature’s Majesty: Introducing Our National Parks Neck Gaiter Collection

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In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments to connect with nature can be challenging.  

However, with our new collection of neck gaiters inspired by the majestic beauty of the U.S. National Parks collection, you can carry a piece of wilderness wherever you go while honoring the concept of public land that we all recreate on, regardless of continent. 

Whether you’re an avid adventurer or simply appreciate the wonders of nature, our BUFF® collection offers a stylish and practical way to celebrate the great outdoors. 

Collecting the beauty within the U.S. National Parks

Imagine capturing the breathtaking vistas of the Grand Canyon, the tranquility of Yosemite’s ancient sequoias, or the very essence of the first National Park in the world with Yellowstone 

Our U.S. National Parks Collection aims to encapsulate these moments of awe-inspiring beauty into wearable art.  

Our neck gaiters serve as tokens of exploration and appreciation for the natural world. Moreover, by adorning them around your neck, you proudly showcase your affinity for conservation, adventure, and public lands. 

Which parks are we honoring?

The U.S. National Parks hold a special place in the hearts of nature enthusiasts and conservationists alike, serving as sanctuaries for biodiversity and havens for outdoor recreation. With Yellowstone being the first recognized National Park in the world in 1872, the U.S. National Parks serve as a guide for the world to set aside land for conservation and mixed public use.  

Each park offers a unique landscape and a rich tapestry of flora and fauna, providing visitors with endless opportunities for exploration and discovery thanks to the conservation efforts set up by the American public lands system. Now, let’s explore the beauty and majesty of these renowned parks through our exclusive collection of neck gaiters. 


Nestled in the heart of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Yosemite National Park is renowned for its towering granite cliffs, lush forests, and iconic waterfalls.  

While there is a plethora of recreational activities to do within the park, many know it for its rock climbing, and has been featured in prominent films such as Alex Honnold’s Free Solo movie. As with all public land managers, the National Park Service’s goal is to balance outdoor recreation with the conservation of natural resources and ecosystem health. 

Our Yosemite-inspired neck gaiters pay homage to this natural wonderland, featuring vibrant designs that echo the park’s awe-inspiring landscapes. 

yosemite us parks collection neck gaiter


Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is carved by the mighty Colorado River whose headwaters begin to trickle amongst the 14,000-foot (4,200-meter) peaks of the Rocky Mountains in the state of Colorado. However, the National Park sits entirely in Arizona, hundreds of miles away. The Colorado River meanders through the deserts of western Colorado and Utah before gouging the deep canyons we all know in the National Park. The Grand Canyon stands as one of the world’s most iconic geological marvels, if not for the vistas, but for the story of water conservation and climate extremes that are seen from the nascent start of the Colorado River.  

The most popular activities in the Grand Canyon are river rafting and hiking the scenic rim trails that follow the edge of the canyon. It is so popular that it is the second most visited national park in the US. 

From its vast, sweeping vistas to its crimson-hued cliffs, our Grand Canyon neck gaiter captures the sheer grandeur and majesty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

grand canyon us parks collection neck gaiter

Grand Canyon


As the first national park established in the world, Yellowstone holds a special place in the hearts of nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and recreationists alike. Yellowstone has been the guiding light for national parks all around the globe showing that land can indeed be set aside for the public good despite the potential for resource extraction and exploitation. 

Yellowstone is located primarily in Wyoming, the least densely populated state in the contiguous U.S., with slivers in Idaho and Montana. It is connected to remote mountain ranges in all three states, forming the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem which is one of the most continuous natural environments in North America. From towering moose to hundred-plus herds of elk to apex predators like the Grey Wolf and Grizzly Bear, Yellowstone truly is a natural wonder. 

Our Yellowstone-inspired neck gaiter showcases the Park’s geothermal wonders, from bubbling hot springs to erupting geysers, inviting wearers to embark on a visual journey through this wilderness sanctuary. 

yellowstone us parks collection neck gaiter



Located in the rugged terrain of Montana’s Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park boasts pristine alpine meadows, crystal-clear lakes, and towering glaciers.  

While being one of the harder to reach national parks, thereby reducing the impact of direct humans, Glacier is still being affected by the struggles of climate change. In fact, it is quite sensitive to retreating glaciers and warming alpine tundra. The National Park Service works with other climate and wildlife agencies to monitor ecosystem health and strives to curb environmental degradation whenever possible.  

Our Glacier-themed neck gaiter celebrates the park’s untamed beauty, offering glimpses of its snow-capped peaks and abundant wildlife. 

glacier us parks collection neck gaiter



Utah’s Zion National Park mesmerizes visitors with its towering sandstone cliffs, verdant canyons, and emerald pools.  

The Park has been carved by the Virgin River over millions of years. Visitors can embark on iconic hikes like Angel’s Landing and The Narrows, immersing themselves in the park’s unique geological formations and the vibrant colors of its majestic canyons. Zion National Park also plays a cultural resource preservation role in protecting archaeological and cultural sites, including those of Native American significance, as well as collaborating with tribal communities to ensure the preservation of cultural heritage. 

Inspired by the park’s dramatic landscapes, our Zion neck gaiter features striking designs that evoke the spirit of adventure and exploration. 

zion us parks collection neck gaiter


Rocky Mountain

Spanning the majestic peaks of Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its alpine tundra, dense forests, and diverse wildlife.  

From Long’s Peak in the south of the park to the “Never Summer” mountain range in the northwest, Rocky Mountain National Park truly lives up to its name. With peaks over 14,000 feet (4,200 meters), also known as Fourteeners”, the park is popular for hiking, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing.  

It is common to see elk wandering the streets of Estes Park, the gateway community to the park. The State of Colorado has the largest elk population in the world, totaling roughly 280,000 animals. The Park works tirelessly to educate all visitors on the importance of distancing oneself from wild animals, which also include Black Bear, Moose, and Peregrine Falcons, the fastest aviator in any American national park. 

Our Rocky Mountain neck gaiter captures the park’s rugged charm, allowing wearers to carry a piece of its wilderness wherever they roam. 

rocky mountain us parks collection neck gaiter

Rocky Mountain

Grand Teton

With its jagged peaks, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife, Grand Teton National Park epitomizes the beauty of the American West.  

Located in Wyoming just south of Yellowstone, sharing a border, Grand Teton National Park is also a part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem mentioned earlier. It is named after the highest peak, the Grand Teton, which is 13,775 feet (4,199 meters) tall.  

Arriving at the park from any direction, or looking south from Yellowstone, this mountain range cannot be mistaken with its nearly 7,000-foot (2,000-meter) prominence rising abruptly from the fertile valley floor.  

With world-renowned ski areas like Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee on its borders, the area is known for its abundant snowfall and backcountry skiing lines. In the warmer months, the park is known for multi—pitch climbs as well as a recently flourishing system of mountain bike trails in the bordering Bridger-Teton National Forest. Additionally, there are miles of high-quality trout fishing on the Snake River and its tributaries, which is home to a subspecies that only lives in this watershed, the Snake River Finespotted Cutthroat. 

Our Grand Teton neck gaiter showcases the park’s iconic scenery, offering a glimpse into its untamed wilderness and storied history. 

grand teton us parks collection neck gaiter

Grand Teton

Gretchen Leggitt's Artwork Significance

At the heart of our U.S. National Parks collection lies the artwork of Gretchen Leggitt, a renowned artist whose vibrant illustrations capture the essence of wild landscapes and outdoor adventure.  

We carefully selected Leggitt for her ability to convey the spirit of the parks and her dedication to environmental conservation. Each design reflects Leggitt’s love for nature and her passion for preserving its beauty for future generations. 

Our new BUFF® collection of neck gaiters inspired by the U.S. National Parks offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and celebrate the beauty of America’s wilderness.  

From the towering cliffs of Yosemite to the sweeping vistas of the Grand Canyon, each design invites wearers to embark on a visual journey through some of the nation’s most iconic landscapes.  

By partnering with artists like Gretchen Leggitt, we aim to not only showcase the splendor of the parks but also promote a deeper appreciation for conservation and outdoor exploration. 

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