Celebrating International Women’s Day

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At BUFF®, we take pride in not just celebrating this day, but in the everyday acknowledgment of the women who play pivotal roles in our organization. From the design table to the global delivery of our products, women are an integral part of every step at BUFF®.

In an exciting new series of episodes, we will shine a spotlight on the women of BUFF®. These episodes will provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the roles and responsibilities of our talented female employees, showcasing their diverse skillsets and the contributions they make at every level of the company. From the creative minds designing our innovative products to the meticulous craftsmanship on the production floor, these episodes will highlight the women who bring passion, dedication, and expertise to every aspect of BUFF®.

It’s an opportunity to share their stories and the roles they play in shaping the success and identity of our brand. Stay tuned as we unfold the narratives of these women during the coming months.

Antonietta Fornino

Role at BUFF® – Head of Design

Favorite BUFF® product: I cannot choose just one. However, I enjoyed the most designing the Original multifunctional neckwear

“What we do in the design department is imagine products for our customers so they can enjoy the outdoors even more.

Color and graphics are crucial at BUFF®, and for me personally. I spent 7 months searching for the right color. Behind colors, there are emotions; each color conveys something. I believe that through colors, you can express a lot.”

Pilar Cerón

Role at BUFF® – Production Coordinator

Favorite BUFF® product: “My favorite product is the caps because they involve the most manufacturing process among the products we have, and it’s the one I’ve been most involved in. I really enjoy the manufacturing process, and the cap has the most elaborate construction.”

Julia Sanz

Role at BUFF® – E-tailers Analyst

Favorite BUFF® product: I cannot choose just one, I like all of them.

“I always say that from football and team sports, I take that desire to move forward, the commitment to daily work, the eagerness to fight, to compete, that sense of belonging to say, ‘I am working towards a goal, and this goal is shared by each and every one who belongs to the team.’ I will always say, a united team cannot be stopped because each one has a different role, and each one contributes something.”

Cristina Rivas

Role at BUFF® – Picker in Logistics

Favorite BUFF® product: the headband.

“What I love most about my job is seeing the completion of one order and starting another, witnessing how they leave, how they reach the customer… and thinking, wow, I’ve done this work, I’ve walked down this entire aisle so that this product reaches the customer just right, and I’ve tried to do it as if it were for myself.”

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