When you have always existed ‘in the zone’ it’s not about beating your chest or maintaining your position, it’s about leaning in and going deeper.

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When you have always existed ‘in the zone’ it’s not about beating your chest or maintaining your position, it’s about leaning in and going deeper. BUFF®  people like a challenge. They thrive on them in fact, and what greater challenge is there right now than that faced by the environment. That’s what we mean when we say we have always been in the zone, BUFF® has long been committed to minimizing our environmental impact, to innovating and experimenting our way to cleaner methods of production, recycled fabrics, renewable energies, whatever and whenever we can do something positive for the planet – We just do. We always have. And we always look to Do More. 

But it’s not about one company or industry, it’s about all of us, one planet, one deep commitment to making things better. It’s why we use plastic bottles and car airbags to make our products, why we use cruelty-free merino wool from ethically reared animals, it’s why we want to see the world convert to a circular economy. It’s why we want to make everyday count, it’s why we are committed to ACT, PROTECT, CARE and DO MORE NOW. 


We are living in a time of climate emergency and at last the world is waking up to that fact, many brands and industries are now rushing to redefine themselves through the lens of sustainability, a global sprint toward being ‘eco-friendly’, but for us at BUFF® it’s a long steady road that began the day we opened our doors. For us it’s a marathon not a sprint. Marathons are all about the training, the long hours in all weathers, the attention to diet, the right gear, and above all the mindset that this is something worth the effort, a commitment that begins long before you reach the starting line. We want to run in the kind of marathon circles that close the loop between what we use and how we make it. 

All of that is a long way to say that, contrary to what some of you might feel, we think running in circles can be a good thing. Think of it as sustaining your pace and the planet.  


The term green washing came into everyone’s vocabulary to gauge what is genuine and what is merely a marketing exercise–a bandwagon to leap upon. Here at BUFF® we say welcome aboard. This is a journey that we have been on since our first iconic piece of neckwear hit the market and changed everything for outdoor sports lovers. It’s part of our DNA, our commitment is real and tangible and always has been. It takes place every single day in all kinds of ways, it’s built into our processes: from using renewable energy sources and recycled materials to our financial commitments to organizations and causes, and above all, our commitment to our people.  BUFF® designer, a runner, an outdoor enthusiast, everybody plays an important role. Every new day is a new opportunity to DO MORE NOW. So join us as we move forward together, sharing the stories, the challenges, the innovations and adventures from across the globe, that unite us in the only race that really matters. 

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