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Joining Forces for a Better Tomorrow

Joining forces with 1% for the Planet is our way of actively supporting people and the planet. From reforestation projects to marine conservation efforts, your contirbution enables us to stand alongside impactful nonprofits, championing their causes and making a lasting difference. 

Embrace the Power of 1%

1% for the Planet is a global network with thousands of businesses and environmental organizations working together to create a positive impact. 

Why 1% matters?

From the get-go, we’ve been backing groups that look out for our planet’s future. Our partnership with 1% for the Planet goes handin-hand with four stellar non-profits, sharing values and goals close to our hearts. 


B Corp is more than a certification. It is a global movement that strives to change business to make it a force for good. In 2023 we announced our B Corp certification with a score of 105.7, well above industry average. 


We’ve proudly partnered with Protect Our Winters since 2018. POW is a global organization which aims to inspire outdoor people, from pro athletes to everyday adventurers, to protect the places we play from climate change by educating, uniting and giving a voice to the outdoor sports community.  Discover the new BUFF® x POW collection!


Through active participation as Summit Members, we have supported and shared in EOCA’s mission for over a decade, funding key projects in conservation, sustainable tourism and rewilding. We’re proud to continue partnering with EOCA, making our 1% go even further. 


In collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation, we’re helping to drive change, boost awareness and inspire others to be ocean activists with a range of accessories that reflect our desire to give back to nature. A percentage of sales from this unique collection will directly support Surfrider’s mission to intercept plastic waste, reduce pollution and preserve our coastlines 

COOLNET UV ® - Products you can feel good about

We craft accessories that elevate your lifestyle, all while giving a little love back to the planet that fuels our adventures. 1% of all CoolNet UV® Neckwear sales goes directly to environmental nonprofits. And here’s the scoop – CoolNet UV® is a game-changer, made from 95% recycled materials for a lighter environmental footprint 🌿✨ 


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