4 BUFF® winter beanies you need for your winter hiking adventures

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When the temperatures drop, it’s time to look for a new beanie for outdoor adventures.

But here’s the pickle:

How do you find the balance between breathability and warmth? In other words, how do you avoid sweating and overheating while hiking?

At BUFF® we have the answer for you. We have chosen the best beanies for your day hiking when the frost comes. These choices are based on performance, and they have been tested by all of you,  BUFF® lovers!

What to check when searching for a good beanie for hiking

First of all, let’s start with the basics. A winter beanie needs to have these features:

  • A good, warm fabric. Whether natural or synthetic, it needs to keep your head comfortably cozy.
  • Proper coverage. A good beanie will cover the forehead and especially the ears because they are very sensitive to the cold.
  • Comfortable fit. A hiking beanie should have the right wearability. It has to be neither too loose, nor too tight. Too tight and it won’t be enjoyable to wear; too loose and you won’t get the full advantage of its element shielding capabilities.
  • Eco-friendly production. You can proudly be part of the change towards a fashion respectful of the environment.

Here at BUFF® we check all the boxes. Keep reading to know more about our beanies.

Why is it so important to cover your head?

There are many reasons why you should wear a beanie while hiking:

  • It helps to regulate your body temperature thanks to its insulation properties. A significant amount of heat (around 45%!) is lost through the head, especially in cold or windy conditions, so wearing a beanie can keep you warm and comfortable.
  • It acts as a protective layer, shielding your head from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and reducing the risk of sunburn and sunstroke.
  • It keeps you dry. It also helps to wick away sweat and moisture, keeping your head dry and preventing heat loss.
  • It’s a mild safety precaution by providing some cushioning in the event of a fall or collision.

Whether it’s for warmth, sun protection, moisture management, or safety, a beanie is a simple yet crucial element of hiking gear that ensures your overall comfort and well-being on the trail.

The 4 best hiking beanies chosen by us... And you!

We have collected and compared many customer reviews on all our channels, and we concluded that these are the 4 winners.

In fact, when it comes to hiking, these beanies provide exactly what you need. Featuring a unique blend of style and practicality, they are sure to keep you warm and comfortable while outdoors.

They are soft and breathable, you won’t overheat and sweat, which is what you want on a cold day.

Let’s check them out!

Merino Midweight

This merino beanie is the best balance between warmth and breathability. The cuff-free design makes it even less bulky for your hiking walks. The Merino wool has a soft feeling, and it isn’t scratchy even for sensitive skin and scalp. Check them out here.

Merino Heavyweight

Merino Heavyweight has all the features that you find within the Midweight beanie: breathable and non-scratchy, but with an extra warmth capacity. Even so, it doesn’t make you sweat while hiking. It keeps its form on your head while not being uncomfortably tight 

Merino Active

With high functional yarn, the Polycolon®, the Merino Active is one of our best headwear for both performance and safety. Performance because this innovative fabric is designed to keep you feeling comfortably dry, even when you perspire. Safety, because the reflective 360° design will make you way more visible than other beanies 

Crossknit Beanie

This is a call for all stylish fellows who don’t want to give up comfort, and with this Crossknit beanie, why would you? With its ponytail slot, you can comfortably let your hair out while hiking. At the same time, it is very breathable and has wick-moisture features 

Take one of our BUFF® Beanies on your next hike!

As you can see, we offer both fashionable and practical designs that are sure to perfectly fit your hiking needs.  

Moreover, if you’re planning on giving one of our beanies as a gift, we will make it easy for you. With a simple quiz, we recommend the best options for you.  

Check our gift finder 😉 

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