thermonet protection

Warmer, lighter, better

Four times warmer than standard microfiber fabrics, Thermonet® technology provides ultimate protection against cold weather. Extremely light, Thermonet® achieves a new level of heat and comfort.

The result of innovation

The latest technology by BUFF® and Primaloft means a giant step in protection against for great protection against the cold in a low weight and comfortable fabric.

thermonet protection

thermonet protection

Made for the cold

Designed for active life, Thermonet® offers insulation against extreme cold weather and windy environments. Enjoy outdoors, no matter what.

Sports and beyond

Down the slopes, riding your bike, traveling through snow fields… made for those enjoying activities in the outside world.


Ultralight performance

Designed for light weight and extra warm feeling, Thermonet® means a giant step for those in search of non-bulky ultimate protection against the cold.