Passion for Nature

We are constantly looking for new paths, hidden roads and secret treasures, that's why preserving nature is part of our DNA. Besides taking care of our production processes, we also participate in projects focused on making a better world for everyone. 

BUFF® contribution to nature preservation

BUFF® collaborates since 2011 with projects by the EOCA. Since 2013, we are a Summit Member, a recognition given by the organization to the companies most involved in programs and initiatives to preserve the environment. As a reward for our initiative and our involvement, the EOCA awarded us with the Conservation Champion prize in 2011 and 2012. According to Holger Bismann, EOCA president, we deserved the prize 'for the great contribution and example of commitment shown by Original Buff® to the program'.


BUFF® is proud of actively contributing to nature's preservation, we love doing it and we have been recognized as an example for other companies.

BUFF® nature projects

BUFF® has participated in different projects and locations: natural paths restoration in Wales, red squirrel preservation in England, reforesting in the Pyrenees or ecotourism projects in Iceland are some of the main initiatives we have been proudly contributing to.

Building a better future needs action

BUFF® is compromised towards nature. During 2016 y 2017, BUFF® takes part in a project with the aim to plant more than 2 million trees, as they are a key element to the preservation of species, environment and natural habitats. 


More info about BUFF® and the EOCA:

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