BUFF® Safety | Industry

Discover our range of neck and head accessories for professional use.

  1. Solid Yellow Fluor Coolnet® UV+ Tubular
  2. Plates Yellow Fluor Original Tubular
  3. Paris Blue Fire Resistant tubular
  4. Polar Tubular Solid Navy - BUFF®
  5. Polar Tubular Solid Black - BUFF®
  6. Thermonet® Tubular  Solid Yellow Fluor - BUFF®
  7. Solid Yellow Fluor Modacryl FR Balaclava
  8. Blaze Orange Coolnet® UV+ Tubular
  9. R-Solid Black Coolnet® UV+ Tubular
  10. R-Solid Orange Fluor Coolnet® UV+ Tubular
  11. R-Solid Yellow Fluor Coolnet® UV+ Tubular
  12. Solid Black Coolnet® UV+ Tubular
  13. Solid Navy Coolnet® UV+ Tubular
  14. Solid Orange Fluor Coolnet® UV+ Tubular
  15. Solid Yellow Fluor Pack Cap
  16. Tools Orange Fluor Microfiber Reversible Hat
  17. Solid Black Microfiber Reversible Hat
  18. Solid Navy Microfiber Reversible Hat
  19. Solid Yellow Fluor Microfiber Reversible Hat
  20. Solid Black Modacryl FR Tubular
  21. Solid Yellow Fluor Modacryl FR Tubular
  22. Solid Yellow Fluor L/XL Underhelmet
  23. Solid Yellow Fluor S/M Underhelmet
  24. Solid Navy Cut Resistant Tubular
  25. R-Navy Windproof Tubular
  26. R-Yellow Fluor Windproof Tubular
  27. Solid Black Windproof Tubular
  28. Solid Navy Windproof Tubular
  29. Machinery Blue Original Tubular
  30. Bolt Steel Grey Original Tubular
  31. Tools Orange Fluor Original Tubular
  32. Vertical Navy Original Tubular
  33. R-Black Original Tubular
  34. R-Orange Fluor Original Tubular
  35. R-Yellow Fluor Original Tubular
  36. Solid Black Original Tubular