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Boo Multi Filter Mask Kids

Boo Multi

  • Reusable mask featuring 98% bacterial filtration efficency. Filters meet surgical mask standards.
  • Filters included! Each mask comes with five replacement filters.
  • Enjoy comfort in style.
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Filter Mask Adult / Kids

Covers ideally head circumference From To
Adult 52 cm 63 cm
Kids 46 cm 55,5 cm

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Adjustable fit

flex fit

Our masks provide flexible fitting and adjustable straps for better fitting different sizes.

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avoid ear presure

Designed to avoid ear pressure. Enjoy comfort in every situation.

Masks for kids

adjustable cap

Adult & Kid sizes available. Not recommended for babies under 3-years-old. Please get in touch if you have questions on our Kid sizes.

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Boo Multi - Mascarilla con filtro BUFF®: Las mascarillas se han convertido en accesorio simprescindible en todo el mundo para actividades de la vida diaria como dar un paseo o salir a jugar con amigos. Cómodas y fiables, las BUFF® Filter Masks cuentan con filtros de 3 capas de repuesto, y están fabricadas con nuestro tejido CoolNet UV+®, lavable hasta 60ºC. Filtros con un 98% de eficacia antibacteriana: cumplen con los estándares de las mascarillas quirúrgicas.

La tecnología de tejido HeiQ V-Block protege el tejido del bolsillo interior de la BUFF® Filter Mask ante microbios y gérmenes. Contiene un biocida* compuesto a partir de sal de plata reciclada.

*Ingrediente activo: masa de reacción de dióxido de titanio y cloruro de plata. Propiedades antimicrobianas para proteger la tela del bolsillo interior de la mascarilla. La mascarilla no protege al usuario o a terceros de patógenos. Limpia siempre la mascarilla a fondo después de cada uso.

Diseño: Estampado. Talla: niño (no recomendadas para niños menores de 3 años).
Adjustable fit: Back of head and neck adjustable straps for a perfect fit.
All-day comfort: lightweight, breathable, ergonomic design avoiding ear pressure.
HeiQ V-Block* antimicrobial fabric treatment applied to inside pocket
Comes with 5 replacement filters. Non-reusable, can last up to 24 hours. Usage time depends on the use and environment.
Tech Info
Recommended age: Kids (3-12)
Colour: Multi
Measures (Wide x Long x High): 20.5X12.5
Season: All Year-round
Ultraviolet Protection Factor: UPF50+
Care instructions: Machine Wash: Up to 60°C
30 mins max.
Feature title
Made from three combined layers the filter offers 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and excellent breathability. Made in Germany to fit the specific BUFF® Filter Mask design this single use filter is glue and latex-free.
Feature title
UNITED AGAINST COVID-19 - Global Alliance with UNICEF: we will be donating a 2% of our profits to contribute on projects against COVID-19 and its consequences on children and society in the most vulnerable countries.