Knitted Neckwarmer
Colt Dark Denim Knitted Neckwarmer

Colt Dark Denim

  • Protection from the cold, knitted BUFF® design
  • Stylish and warm for neck garment.
  • Stay comfortable in style with a daily life garment.
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Adults - Tubulars and neckwarmers

Standard XL
Head circumference 50 - 58 cm 58 - 62 cm
Product size 22,3 x 53 cm 24,5 x 53 cm

Kids - Tubulars and neckwarmers

Head circumference 45 - 56 cm
Product size 20,5 x 48 cm


S / M L / XL
Product size (Width x Height) 24,5 x 35 cm 27,5 x 38 cm
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Halswärmer für den Alltag mit Stil: dieses stylische, warme Hals-Accessoire aus Wollgemisch schützt Sie vor Kälte. Doppelschichtiger Halswärmer im Strick-Design für Herren und Damen, bequem und stylisch zugleich. Kombinieren Sie ihn nach Lust und Laune, wir haben die passende Mütze dazu!
Knitted style product designed for great look and protection against the cold.
Find the right accessory to combine and achieve the outfit you are searching for. Plenty of styles and colors available.
Find the matching accessory and combine them together. Achieve the look you are searching for and create your own style.
Tech Info
Size: Adult
Colour: Blue
Measures: 28x60
Composition: 85% Acrylic 15% Lambswool
Season: Autumn/Winter
Buff collection: Outlet
Care instructions: Do not machine wash
Weather Conditions
Wind Cold Cool Hot
Feature title
Knitted World
Knitted is always is great! Enjoy the traditional style of knitted garments, face the weather in style and be unique. Created in Barcelona by the BUFF® Design Team.