Cotton Hat
Denim Stripes Cotton Hat

Denim Stripes

  • Soft and natural hat: 100% cotton!
  • Slim and light: a cool hat for not so cold days.
  • Cotton feeling , top comfort.
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Trendige Mütze für mildes Wetter. Baumwollmütze im einmaligen, eleganten Design für jeden Tag. Kopfbedeckung aus natürlicher Baumwollfaser. Komfortable Baumwollmütze im Jacquard-Design für das ganze Jahr. Extrem vielseitige Mütze für kühles Wetter und verschiedenste Gelegenheiten. Trendige, leichte Mütze für Schutz mit tollem Stil. Wir haben die passende Mütze dazu!
Made from natural cotton fibers to ensure high comfort and gentle softness. 100% eco product.
Made from natural fibers obtained from sheeps.
Designed for all-year-round protection in cool and mild weather conditions. Temperature range: 0ºC - 20ºC. Created for versatility and protection during outdoor activities in non-extreme weather conditions.
Synthetic fiber made of polyester to provide durability, a great absorption capacity and optimal thermal properties.
Tech Info
Recommended age: Adult
Colour: Blue
Measures: 24.5x53
Composition: 100% Cotton
Season: All Year-round
Collection: Outlet
Care instructions: Do not machine wash
Weather Conditions
Wind Cold Cool Sun
Feature title
All Year Round
Looking for versatility and comfort every day of the year? Our selection of all year round comfort products is a perfect solution for those fresh spring mornings or those chilly summer evenings.
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Merino Wool
Wisdom of nature translated into an extremely warm and comfortable technology. Merino Wool is the key to create a collection of woolen products with high versatility, comfort and absorption capacity.