High UV Slim Headband
Akira Pink High UV Slim Headband

Akira Pink

  • Protección contra los rayos ultravioleta y tecnología antisudor.
  • Menos tela con las mismas propiedades que la versión estándar.
  • Diseño sin costuras, máxima comodidad.
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277,93 MX$
- Slim design headband: less fabric, top comfort
- Avoid sweat, stay dry, protect from the sun: great for summer!
- Top tech Coolmax® headband: stretchy, anti-odor, quick drying
Special size, slower diameter specially designed for thinner necks.
Smaller width with the same length: 24.5cm x 5.4cm.
Designed to wick away moisture in an efficient and fast way. Ideal for high intensity activities.
Run in style! Protection is vital when running in the sun or in cold weather. Our line of running caps, visors, headbands and tubulars has been specifically designed to provide protection and fresh looking style.
Datos técnicos
Talla: Adulto
Color: Rosa
Composition: 100% Polyester
Medidas (Ancho x Largo x Alto): 23.7x5.5
Uso recomendado: Primavera/Verano
Factor protección ultravioleta: UPF50+
Consejos de lavado: Lavar a máquina
Colección: Outlet
Viento Frío Fresco Sol
UV Protect
As great as the sun can be, the risks of exposure to ultraviolet radiation are also a reality. Our line of UV protection accessories is designed to protect you from the possible harm caused by the radiation while staying outdoors. Enjoy open air!
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