Knitted Hat
Margo Orange Knitted Hat

Margo Orange

  • Capa interior de forro polar para mayor calidez y comodidad.
  • Leisure Collection: ¡Prepárate para tu próxima escapada!
  • Diseñado para proteger del frío con estilo.
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The BUFF® Lifestyle collection is made for those who accessorize their life in different moments with the latest trends.
Inner polar fleece band provides extra warmth and the traditional soft feeling of polar fabrics.
Knitted style product designed for great style and protection against the cold.
Designed to maintain your body warm in severe cold weather environments. Thermal comfort achieved by high insulation capacity.
Made of Primaloft fabric - The highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any synthetic insulation currently on the market. It's soft, durable, high-loft and made from 100% polyester microfiber.
Datos técnicos
Talla: Adulto
Color: Naranja
Composition: 73% Acrylic 27% Wool
Medidas (Ancho x Largo x Alto): 22x30
Uso recomendado: Otoño/Invierno
Consejos de lavado: Lavar a mano
Colección: Outlet
Viento Frío Fresco Sol
Suavidad polar
Disfruta del agradable y cálido tacto del forro polar. Capa interior de forro polar para añadir calidez ante el frío con la suavidad clásica de los productos de tejido polar.
Leisure Collection
The BUFF® Leisure Collection goes from one activity to a new one as quickly and smoothly as you do. Add warmth and style to your travelling bag and get ready for your next weekend escape or winter break.