BUFF® Pro Team Seth Sweatshirt Sweatshirt
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BUFF® Pro Team Seth Sweatshirt

  • Producto técnico diseñado para uso deportivo.
  • Producto oficial del BUFF® Pro Team.
  • Ideal para disfrutar del deporte.
Official BUFF® Pro Team article. Enjoy an active life with a product designed for comfort and high performance. Ideal for those looking for advanced technology, this is a technical product designed for sports.
Run in style! Enjoy running with a range of products specifically designed for runners. Protection and fresh look in great performance.
Stretch it! Highly elastic fabrics allow an optimal fit to improve comfort and achieve better performance.
Datos técnicos
Talla: Adulto
Uso recomendado: Otoño/Invierno
Licencia oficial: BUFF® Pro Team
Consejos de lavado: Lavar a máquina
Colección: BUFF® Pro Team 2018
Viento Frío Fresco Sol
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