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Savva Grape Outfit Mix & Match Outfit
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Savva Mardi Grape
Knitted & Polar Hat Savva Mardi Grape
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Adults Kid / Junior Baby
Head circumference 53 / 62 cm 50 / 55 cm 45 / 51 cm

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Savva Mardi Grape
Knitted & Polar Neckwarmer Savva Mardi Grape
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Adults - Neckwear and Neckwarmers

Standard XL
Head circumference 50 - 58 cm 58 - 62 cm
Product size 22,3 x 53 cm 24,5 x 53 cm

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Kids - Neckwear and Neckwarmers

Baby / Kids / Junior
Head circumference 45 - 56 cm
Product size 20,5 x 48 cm


S / M L / XL
Product size (Width x Height) 24,5 x 35 cm 27,5 x 38 cm
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Savva Grape Outfit

Savva Grape Outfit
Knitted style product designed for great look and protection against the cold.
Tech Info
Reccomended age: Adult
Colour: Purple
Composition: 85% Polyester 15% Elastane
Season: Autumn/Winter
Climate: Cold
Collection: Autumn-Winter 17/18
Weather Conditions
Wind Cold Cool Sun
Feature title
Mix And Match
Get the perfect look combining our Mix & Match products. Matching designs for a complete outfit. Together, always, much better!