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Multifunctional headwear and neckwear for sports and daily use.
  1. Reflective Tubular R-New Elder
    Special Price 15.86 Regular Price 24.40
  2. Knitted Hat Tech Logo Seaport
    Special Price 28.87 Regular Price 44.41
  3. Headband Whistler Black
    Special Price 18.02 Regular Price 27.73
  4. Original BUFF® Tubular Hans
    Special Price 13.69 Regular Price 21.06
  5. Microfiber Reversible Hat Sen Blue Blue Capri
    Special Price 16.58 Regular Price 25.51
  6. Microfiber Reversible Hat Solid Chic Black
    Special Price 16.58 Regular Price 25.51
  7. Polar & Micro Tubular Alyza Multi Mardi Grape
    Special Price 20.19 Regular Price 31.07
  • Always great, for winter and summer!

    There's always what you need, and not just for winter! I am into sports and my BUFF® cap is really light and great for running. I think I even run faster now… Thank you!

    Peter Joggerst

  • Good quality and bold style

    First time I bought a BUFF® headband I did because I loved the design. After years using BUFF® neck tubulars and hats I am impressed with the quality and how comfortable they are!

    Angela Oskanen

  • A must for every trip

    I love hiking in the mountains. Carrying with me a BUFF® tubular gives me lots of options and possibilities, so it is always a must in my backpack. And it looks cool too!

    Mikel Oiarbide