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Multifunctional headwear and neckwear for sports and daily use.
  1. -40%
    Light Merino Wool Tubular Slim Solid Raspberry - BUFF®
    Special Price 13.16€ Regular Price 21.95€
  2. -40%
    Original Tubular Glow Waves Black - BUFF®
    Special Price 10.17€ Regular Price 16.96€
  3. -40%
    Light Merino Wool Tubular Lake Blue Multi Stripes - BUFF®
    Special Price 15.58€ Regular Price 25.96€
  4. -40%
    ThermoNet® Tubular Arrowhead Multi - BUFF®
    Special Price 13.16€ Regular Price 21.95€
  5. -40%
    Coolnet® UV+ Headband Boronia Pink - BUFF®
    Special Price 8.37€ Regular Price 13.96€
  6. -40%
    Coolnet® UV+ Tubular UTMB® 2019 - BUFF®
    Special Price 10.77€ Regular Price 17.95€
  7. -40%
    Light Merino Wool Tubular Solid Forest Night - BUFF®
    Special Price 13.16€ Regular Price 21.95€
  • Original Banff Mountain Film Festival

    Super cool design. Haven’t had this one very long so I can’t speak to durability, but I’ve had another buff for years with extensive use and it’s just like new. They all seem to be about the same that way, at least the sports ones.


  • Original Tubular Baby Cloudy Sky

    We spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, skiing and adventuring and this was the perfect addition to my babies winter gear Kept her face dry and warm and shielded from the wind while still being super breathable Great quality, very happy with our purchase.


  • Original Log Us Yellow Fluor

    I use all the time for everything, sports, work and walk. It is also for use if you want to look nice. Different style and many options.