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Multifunctional headwear and neckwear for sports and daily use.
  1. -20%
    Vest  BUFF® Proteam Drew Ultralight Vest
    Special Price4548.22Regular Price5685.81
  2. -20%
    Jacket BUFF® Pro Team Alan Ultralight Jacket
    Special Price6299.09Regular Price7874.12
  3. -20%
    Short Sleeve T-Shirt BUFF® Proteam Nyla T Shirt
    Special Price3217.85Regular Price4022.86
  4. -20%
    Jacket BUFF® Pro Team Meir Ultralight Jacket
    Special Price6299.09Regular Price7874.12
  5. -20%
    Sweatshirt BUFF® Proteam Ila Sweathsirt
    Special Price4128.77Regular Price5160.44
  1. -50%
    Polar & Micro Tubular Cars Lights On Multi Samba
    Special Price1311.29Regular Price2621.53
  2. -50%
    Bandana Monster Truck Multi
    Special Price1179.96Regular Price2358.84
  3. -30%
    Polar & Micro Tubular Hello Kitty Mountain Light Pink Navy
    Special Price1835.60Regular Price2621.53
  4. -30%
    Disney Cars Hat Top Cars Blue
    Special Price1651.31Regular Price2358.84
  5. -50%
    Polar & Micro Tubular Hello Kitty Foodie Red Samba
    Special Price1311.29Regular Price2621.53
  6. Junior
    Polar & Micro Tubular Olaf Blue Navy
    Special Price1835.60Regular Price2621.53
  • Reflective Original Alyssa Pink

    Good product, reflective and protects well against the wind.

    Dominique, BUFF® France

  • Optical Yellow Fluor Original

    Really comfortable. I think it is great that these are made using recycled plastic bottles.

    Ramon, BUFF® Spain

  • UTMB® 2018 Tubular

    This is a perfect neck tubular. Great quality, colors just as on the website pictures.

    Dumoul, BUFF® France