Knitted Neckwarmer
Dorian Puple Imperial Knitted Neckwarmer

Dorian Puple Imperial

  • Knitted style, full inner fleece layer for ultimate protection.
  • Tricot design, unique look.
  • Stay warm, be stylish: designed to protect.
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The BUFF® Lifestyle collection is made for those who accessorize their life in different moments with the latest trends.
Inner polar fleece layer to provide extra warm protection against the cold with the classic soft touch of polar fabrics.
Knitted style product designed for great style and protection against the cold.
Designed to maintain your body warm in severe cold weather environments. Thermal comfort achieved by high insulation capacity.
Made of Primaloft fabric - The highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any synthetic insulation currently on the market. It's soft, durable, high-loft and made from 100% polyester microfiber.
Tech Info
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Colour: Purple
Season: Autumn/Winter
Size: Adult
Composition: 100% Acrylic
Care instructions: Do not machine wash
Measures: 26.5x29
Weather Conditions
Wind Cold Cool Sun
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There's no tool like our hands. Tradition and innovation together lets us search for the old-time sacred handwork production. Our line of handmade products is a return to the past while staying faithful to our values.
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Primaloft Tech
Enjoy ultimate protection by Primaloft. Polar protection for cold weather conditions and granted comfort to enjoy active life.