One layer Merino Hat

Solid Navy

  • Designed for work environments.
  • Pleasant to wear: light, soft, no itching!
  • BUFF® Professional Collection.
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Head circumference53 / 62 cm45 / 51 cm 50 / 55 cm 50 / 55 cm 


Head circumference58 cm45 / 51 cm 50 / 55 cm 50 / 55 cm


Head circumference53 / 62 cm53 / 62 cm
Product dimensions (Wiidth x Height)24,5 x 9,4 cm24,5 x 5,4 cm


Head circumference53 / 55 cm56 / 58 cm59 / 62 cm
Product dimensions (Width x Height)26,5 x 38 cm28 x 40 cm29,5 x 42 cm

Balaclavas (Kids)

One size (Kids, Junior)
Reccomended age4-12 years old


One size (Kids, Junior)
Reccomended age4-12 years old
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One layer Merino Wool hat made of natural fibers.

- Merino wool one layer creates an air cushion and maintains head temperature.
- Comfortable hat, made from a seamless wool tubular.
- Natural Odor prevention.
- Eco Friendly: produced using renewable resources and animal friendly processes, minimizing harmful effects on the ecosystem.
- 100% Merino Wool.
- PERFORM fit.

Ideal for:
Workers who look for a comfortable and natural fiber hat made of merino wool, to practice jobs in moderate or cold weather. Ideal to be used under helmet.

Width 22,5 cm
Long 21,5 cm
Weight 57 gr
Made from natural Merino wool. 100% sustainable eco fabrics for maximum comfort, warmth and thermo regulation properties.
Made from natural fibers obtained from sheeps.
Designed in one piece and without any seams to obtain maximum comfort preventing skin irritation.
Made of one Merino Wool layer of 125 gr/m².
Tech Info
Weight (grams):23.00
Color: Navy
Measures (Height x Width):20x45
Composition: 100% Merino Wool
Size (Years): Adult
Gender:Woman, Man
Use: All Year-round
Care instructions: Do not machine wash
Feature title
All Year Round
Looking for versatility and comfort every day of the year? Our selection of all year round comfort products is a perfect solution for those fresh spring mornings or those chilly summer evenings.
Feature title
Merino Wool
Wisdom of nature translated into an extremely warm and comfortable technology. Merino Wool is the key to create a collection of woolen products with high versatility, comfort and absorption capacity.