BUFF® HQ Igualada

Living an exceptional situation

Every situation requires an action. BUFF® was born from a need and from the will to cover it. This philosophy has lead our steps since the very beginning and guides us also today.

We are living exceptional times, new needs have arised in our world and all hands are required. We believe in action, responsibility and global consciousness. For that, our responses to the critical situation caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 build upon these values.

An alliance for global consciousness

We believe in a better world. We are committed to social responsibility and we think caring more is vital. That’s why we decided to DO MORE NOW. That's the seed behind our Corporate Alliance with UNICEF and one of our responses to face COVID-19 and its consequences.

We are living a double emergency: COVID-19 is bringing a new threat to already battered countries – and makes delivering life-saving assistance even harder.

BUFF® will donate a 2% of our profit to UNICEF projects to fight against COVID-19 in the most vulnerable countries. Part of this donation will come from the sales of BUFF® Filter Mask and BUFF® Filter Tube.

Responsible answers and the need for adaptation

Since the coronavirus pandemic became global we received many questions regarding the use of our products as an alternative to facemasks against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Our response was always clear: our already existing multifunctional headwear products are not scientifically proven to prevent you from contracting or passing the virus to someone else.

Every situation requires an action. Our new BUFF® face masks are one of our ways to respond to COVID-19. We have used all our means, expertise and knowledge to create two products designed to face a new situation in the same world we love.

The BUFF® Filter Mask and the BUFF® Filter Tube have been designed and created in-house by our team and use replacement filters which provide 98% filtration against air-borne particles.

To find out more information about our Filter Mask and our Filter Tube, please visit our BUFF® face masks section on our website.

To find out more information about our Alliance with UNICEF, please visit our UNICEF page on our website.

To find out more information about our product certifications, please visit the Certified Quality section on our website.

For our professional/workwear product range, please check the EU Declaration of Conformity.

If you have more doubts about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 we recommend that you visit the official websites, such as the ones of World Health Organization (WHO) and the health authorities of your country.