Multifunctional tubulars and Snoods

Our multifunctional neck tubulars are the perfect solution for all purposes. Protection, style and plenty of options.


  1. Original Mime Multi
  2. Original Geoelens Grey
  3. Original Halcyon Turquoise
  4. Original Prosody Night Blue
  5. Solid
  6. LW Merino Wool Hat Solid Pool - BUFF®
  7. LW Merino wool Solid Light Pink - BUFF®
  8. LW Merino wool Birch Ms - BUFF®
  9. Ab5Tr Blue
  10. Braz3 Rusty
  11. Derlay Multi
  12. Singa Puprle
  13. Lux Multi
  14. Shizen Multi
  15. Original Connex Light Grey
  16. Den Bark
  17. Original Tubular N-Exclusion Black - BUFF®
  18. Reversible Polar Tubular Ume Black - BUFF®
  19. Reversible Polar Tubular Speed Graphite - BUFF®
  20. Ory Multi
  21. Silvery Grey
  22. Original Phys Black
  23. Original Tubular Ayame Graphite - BUFF®
  24. Lightweight Merino Wool Tubular Floki - BUFF®
  25. Delix Multi
  26. Aloft Multi
  27. Original Thaw Multi
  28. Original Sudbury Multi
  29. Solid
  30. Dash Multi
  31. Original Tubular Geoline Grey - BUFF®
  32. Force Grey
  33. Ristik Multi
  34. Nacreous Multi
  35. Chrysta Purple
  36. Original Baby Breezie Piink

Original BUFF® snoods and neck warmers were specifically created to keep away the cold while being comfortable to wear. As of now, millions of outdoor enthusiasts all around the world benefit from Buff® snood scarf wearability and versatility. Find here a wide selection of neckwear to truly enjoy, including snoods for men, women, and kids in a variety of styles and patterns for comfort in any outdoor activities.

Snood is a tubular neck and face scarf made of lightweight, highly stretchable fabric to wear during sports activities outdoors, best fit for mild and cool weather conditions. Wear a snood scarf by Buff® when going out for a run or slip over a sports snood before a long hike for top comfort. Its ultrastretch and seam bonding technology achieves an optimal fit while avoiding friction making it the ideal hiking and running snood.

Protect your neck and face against the UV radiation and milder winds with a snood scarf made of soft, lightweight, natural material. Buff® snoods' technology gives you extra comfort and keeps your neck area dry by offering the optimal capacity to transfer moisture vapor away from the body. With a neck tube scarf at hand, enjoy trekking, hiking, even mountain-climbing without worrying about the cold. Going out for a run or packing for holidays in the mountains? A fit neck scarf is a must-have accessory to keep you nice and warm.

Our neckwear is designed to provide the highest level of comfort and protection from the elements. Additionally, a neck tube scarf offers a wide range of wearing styles and plenty of possibilities for you to enjoy versatility in one product. With one neck scarf you are set for different weather conditions, and benefit from its multifunctionality. Not to mention the array of styles and patterns of our snoods for men, women, and kids. A colorful tube scarf can be worn as a bandana, or a headband, wristband, or stretch from a running snood into a functional facemask.

Are you into snow sports like cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding? A polar sports scarf or a Buff® neck gaiter is an excellent go-to neckwarmer to keep you warm playing your favourite sports during the winter. The best neck gaiter is warm, yet lightweight, quick drying, and one designed for a high thermal insulation while being highly breathable. Because of the natural, top-quality fabric that our neckwear is made of, every neck warmer is also resistant to tears, doesn't cause itching, and is easy to clean.

Microfiber neck warmer scarf designed with advanced insulation properties will be suited for higher intensity outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, or riding a motorbike. The polar fleece fabric from our warmest neckwarmer and sports scarf variations provides warmth with an extremely soft and gentle feeling for seamless protection. Arrange your neck warmer scarf in the perfect shape for your neck because of its adjustable recycled drawstring. Enjoy maximum comfort while trekking, hiking and playing winter sports even in extreme cold conditions with highest possible quality neckwarmers