Neckwear | kids | REPREVE&Polar

Find the best head and neck accessories for kids. Hats, caps and scarves designed to enjoy life and play outside. Accessories for boys and girls to enjoy all kinds of weather in best protection.Find the right balance! Polar softness and cold protection blends with recycled microfiber. Our range of products created using REPREVE® technology grant eco spirit and respect for nature. Accessories created using recycled plastic bottles. New life, compromise with nature.
  1. Original Baby Theo Grey
  2. Cutis Light Pink
  3. Force Grey
  4. Fynch Multi
  5. Original Baby Breezie Piink
  6. Dae Turquoise
  7. Original Tubular Baby Baby Snow Monster - BUFF®
  8. Original Tubular Kids Camp Bear Multi - BUFF®
  9. Original Tubular Kids Higher Mountain - BUFF®
  10. Original Tubular Kids Camo Evolution - BUFF®
  11. Original Tubular Kids W-Paint Multi - BUFF®
  12. Original Tubular Kids Jr Grafft Multi - BUFF®
  13. Solid