Why you should live this moment?

Because the first light of the day is a priceless experience, up early, walking in the dark you arrive as the wall begins to light up. Enjoy the sunrise as you get ready to climb Midi d’Ossau, observing the route above you, you're full of excitement and joy. Breathe in the morning air as you grip the wall and find your feet, now on the only way is up.


The best way to enjoy it is Climbing .

Some more details


Midi d'Ossau, Pyrenees, France


42°50′34.8″N -0°26′16.8″W





When to enjoy


7:00 AM



Our gear for enjoying this moment

No need to be a mountaineering pro or have high-tech clothes to go on a leisurely walk. All you need are a few accessories to protect yourself from the elements and a desire to get out there!


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