Why you should live this moment?

Because the best plans often lead to unpredictable moments, surreal experiences, and unforgettable time spent with friends. Nature and your curiosity calls as you walk along the trail, the mountains are calling and you simply must go. The unplanned moments are at times the best, there’s no one else around and the thrill of exploring more, climbing higher and filling your lungs with fresh air is hard to turn down.


The best way to enjoy it is Hiking .

Some more details


Lago di Sorapis, Dolomite, Italy


46°31′13.8″N 12°13′24″E





When to enjoy


9:00 AM



Our gear for enjoying this moment

No need to be a mountaineering pro or have high-tech clothes to go on a leisurely walk. All you need are a few accessories to protect yourself from the elements and a desire to get out there!


Climb higher up the mountain and, into the clouds to find the perfect, picturesque scenery that Scotland is known for in Autumn.
Go after the crowds have left to witness the incredible mountain range in silence, in peace and in all it's beauty.
On the summit above the bright blue lake, your eyes are transfixed on the views surrounding you. Sitting still and taking the beauty of nature in, our minds and soul are recharged and ready for the descent.
Lake Starnberg is not only the perfect place to enjoy a sunset, but a paradise of opportunity. Whether you’re running the trails or making a splash, the lake is the perfect place to enjoy a calming morning.
The scenery around you could be a painting if it were not for the clouds dancing in the wind. Allow your thoughts to dance with them as you take in the views.
As you step toward the summit the struggle and challenges are forgotten as the views open up and you stand on what feels like the roof of the world, enjoying the neverending views.
Trust in your feet and let your legs control your direction as you run along the ridgelines of Donner Lake Rim Trail, smiling as the thrills keep you going and the views take your mind off the exposure.
Standing in the middle of the river eyes captivated by the thunderous waterfall in front of you. With no one else around and the only sound of the water, this is a hidden secret only you know.
Just the sight of the waterfall entices you to move closer, excited moving forward, careful not to slip on the rocks below in order to feel the fresh water and get the best view these magnificent waterfalls offer.
Standing on the top of the hill, the awe inspiring view is the perfect place for an autumn sunset. Watch as Mt Hood is lit up in warm orange tones as the sun begins to set, sending you heart racing with happiness.
Let go of the stress and pressure and just have fun in the moment. As your feet pound the trails, don’t forget to look around you, enjoy the view and have fun!
Paddling the lake in peace, taking in the mountains views and nature around you, the only noise is the movement of your paddleboard as you leave the stress of the day behind.

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