Why you should live this moment?

Because you'll experience and understand just how small you are in this big world. The open spaces are huge and the problems you stressed out about this morning no longer seem too big. So, get your layers on, snow boots tight and poles ready as you head into the white abyss outside. Enjoy the suns bright rays as the warm you as you walk along the banks of the frozen rivers, into clearings with mountain views. On cold days such as these enjoy the fact that it is just you and your hiking buddy the only thing following you are your footprints.


The best way to enjoy it is Trekking .

Some more details


The Platmort, Austria


468°26′9.6″N 1°3′7.2″E





When to enjoy


11:00 AM



Our gear for enjoying this moment

No need to be a mountaineering pro or have high-tech clothes to go on a leisurely walk. All you need are a few accessories to protect yourself from the elements and a desire to get out there!


Take a time to breathe in fresh air, relax after the activities of the day and get back to nature, while hoping the fish bite.
Because spending the evening with friends in the warm evening sun, sharing stories of the day with a nice cold drink in hand, you all watch as the sun sinks lower into the horizon, is the best way to share sunsets. As you relax, enjoying the sound of laughter and birds as you watch the sky change from bright blue to lazy pinks and purples. Take a deep breath of sea air as you relax and enjoy moment as the day comes to an end.
To be awake and peddling up a mountain as the sun rises with you, is the perfect start to any day.
Discovering a new city is a thrilling experience, everything is new and around each corner is a new hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.
The only noise is your breath as you climb higher, with each step you leave behind the restrictions of everyday life and hike towards freedom only found in mountains.
The sound of crashing waves, fresh salty air, warm fiery colours igniting the sky and the flurry of wildlife encourage us to enjoy sunsets on the beach.
Take a moment to stop, stretch and empty your mind of all thoughts and focus your senses on your surroundings as you fully embrace nature around you.
Floating down the South Fork of the Snake river is a fly anglers bucket list destination. The wide river, dramatic landscape and vastness allows complete isolation and space to fish without interruption.
Hike, Climb or Fish, the Wind River Range is the perfect spot to spend days exploring and taking on rugged adventures.

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