Face Mask bag
Ethereal Aqua Face Mask bag

Ethereal Aqua

  • Storage bag for your BUFF® Face mask.
  • Made from fabric leftovers. We DO MORE NOW.
  • Sustainable and original: a repurposed product.
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Face Mask bag Etheral Aqua: Designed to carry your Face Mask! Made from ThermoNet® fabric and other materials, the new BUFF® upcycled bags are meant to add comfort to your life when wearing a BUFF® Face Mask. Driven by sustainability, we give the leftovers from our production processes a second life to create this original and eco-friendly mask case. Store your mask inside the bag and carry it always with you in your pocket, your backpack or your bag. Easy and comfortable at any time and anywhere. One Size.

Made 99% from ThermoNet® fabric and other letfover materials.
Designed and produced in the BUFF® premises in the traditional textile region of Igualada, in the Barcelona region.
Tech Info
Collection: Autumn-Winter 20/21
Recommended age: Adult
Composition: 79% polyester 11% polyamide 10% elastane
Care instructions: Machine Wash
Product measures (Width x Length x Height): 13X15
Weather Conditions
Wind Cold Cool Sun
Feature title
Recycled heart
Do more Now! Using recycled fibers is part of our commitment towards a more sustainable world. Recycled products and recycled materials mean a second life, a better future and a better world to live in.
Feature title
UNITED AGAINST COVID-19 - Global Alliance with UNICEF: we will be donating a 2% of our profits to contribute on projects against COVID-19 and its consequences on children and society in the most vulnerable countries.