BUFF® Safety | Hat

Discover the hats selection by BUFF®. Created for all kinds of weather and purpose. Designed in Barcelona.
  1. SOLID
  2. Windproof Hat Solid Black L/Xl - BUFF®
  3. Hotpot Denim Chef Collection Hat
  4. Chili Red Chef Collection Hat
  5. Cook Black Chef Collection Hat
  6. Solid Black Chef Collection Hat
  7. Animal Traces Black Medical Collection Hat
  8. Back Tooth Medical Collection Hat
  9. White Teeth Medical Collection Hat
  10. Camu Military Microfiber Reversible Hat
  11. Tools Orange Fluor Microfiber Reversible Hat
  12. SOLID
  13. SOLID
  14. SOLID
  15. Fire Resistant Hat  Solid Paris Blue - BUFF®
  16. SOLID
  17. SOLID