Code of conduct


ORIGINAL BUFF, S.A. is fully committed to comply with all legislation and regulations in force, as well as the ethical principles of integrity and transparency in all its business activities, both nationally and internationally.

To this end, it has been approved a Code of Conduct whose objective is to determine the values, principles and regulations that should govern the behavior and performance of each of the interest groups, workers, companies and the Board of Directors, as well as their participated companies. This Code is also applicable to customers and suppliers, insofar as they are applicable to them.


ORIGINAL BUFF, SA in its commitment to comply with the legislation and regulations resulting from the application, and the ethical principles of integrity and transparency in all areas of action, has been approved a Code of Conduct by the Board of Directors on May 29, 2018.

This code can be downloaded at the following link: BUFF® Code of Conduct.

Each worker, manager and member of the Board of Directors of ORIGINAL BUFF, S.A. knows this Code of Conduct and undertakes to comply with the principles and rules contained in it. 


To facilitate inquiries about the content, interpretation or application of the Code of Conduct of ORIGINAL BUFF, SA, as well as to communicate any behavior of the same that may suppose a breach of this, this Ethical Channel has been created. All communications about possible breaches are processed guaranteeing its confidentiality.

The communication channels for these purposes are:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Postal mail: Original Buff, S.A. Comitè Ètic. C / França, 16 (08700) IGUALADA -Barcelona. Spain.