Wool Balaclava
Solid Cedar Wool Balaclava

Solid Cedar

  • BUFF® Professional Collection: Designed for professional use.
  • Pleasant to wear: light, soft, no itching!
  • Tight, comfortable and stretchy: Wear it under a helmet!
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Natural fibers balaclava made of 100% pure Merino wool.

- Multifunctional, highly stretchable and soft touch.
- Natural odor prevention.
- Laser cut breathing holes with a silicone hem in the mouth to help breathing and avoiding humidity.
- Eco Friendly: produced from renewable resources using animal-friendly processes and minimizing harmful effects on the ecosystem. Mulesing-free product.
- 100% Merino Wool.

Ideal for:
A comfortable and 100% natural warm balaclava made of Merino Wool. Ideal for static tasks in cold weather conditions, maintaining body temperature.
It can be used under helmet.

Width: 19 cm
Length: 43 cm
Weight: 32 g
Made from natural Merino wool. 100% sustainable eco fabrics for maximum comfort, warmth and thermo regulation properties.
Designed to be used under a helmet. Ideal for cycling, work, motorcycle or winter sports.
Fibers used proceed exclusively from nature: 100% sheep origin.
Made of one Merino Wool layer of 125 gr/m².
Tech Info
Collection: Outlet Professional
Colour: Green
Season: All Year-round
Recommended age: Adult
Composition: 100% Merino Wool
Care: Do not machine wash
Measures (Wide x Long x High): 20x45
Feature title
All Year Round
Looking for versatility and comfort every day of the year? Our selection of all year round comfort products is a perfect solution for those fresh spring mornings or those chilly summer evenings.
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Merino Wool
Wisdom of nature translated into an extremely warm and comfortable technology. Merino Wool is the key to create a collection of woolen products with high versatility, comfort and absorption capacity.