A Map for Creating a Unique Design

Susanne, of Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse, came to us with a request we get often: a map design for her custom Original BUFF®. The map she sent outlined the trail from Lake Louise with a red bull’s eye over the location of the Teahouse. It also showed the names of the surrounding mountains and the six glaciers that the Teahouse is named for. We understand why Susanne and others would want a map for their design: it’s unique to the location, it’s functional, and it’s an attractive souvenir that doesn’t need to be hung on the wall.

Although we get a lot of requests for maps, most people don’t start out with the high-resolution images or graphics needed to create a quality design that can be printed onto fabric. Susanne’s project started out the same way: a low-res and pixelated map image that couldn’t be printed as it was. Our design team does have access to generic map graphics and contour line patterns but it wouldn’t have had the same personal touch as Susanne’s map. Being committed to her initial design concept, Susanne contacted a local graphic designer to have her map redrawn. With the new high-res map file, our design team was able to add colourful backgrounds and texture to the map which wouldn’t have been possible with the flat image. The Plain of Six Glacier Teahouse Original BUFF® has been very popular with the guests of the teahouse and is also worn with pride by the teahouse staff.


Tea House Staff

Plain of Six Glacier Teahouse

The Plain of Six Glacier Teahouse is found by hiking 5.5km along the glacial valley behind Lake Louise. Susanne, who knows the place better than most having grown up there, runs the Teahouse. She has maintained the lack of electricity (cash only) and footpath access, which gives visitors a chance to unplug and enjoy the world-renowned scenery during their visits.

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