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Our response to COVID-19

Since the coronavirus pandemic became global, we received many questions regarding the use of our products as an alternative to facemasks against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Our response was always clear: our already existing multifunctional neckwear products are not scientifically proven to prevent you from contracting or passing the virus to someone else. They are not certified to be used as a replacement to medical grade masks. Wearing a BUFF® product however might remind people around you to maintain a safe and comfortable distance and might remind yourself to not touch your face.

 Our new BUFF® Filter Mask is one of our ways to respond to COVID-19. We have used all our means, expertise and knowledge to create a product designed to face a new situation in the same world we love. The BUFF® Filter Mask has been designed and created in-house by our team and uses replacement filters made in Germany which provide 98% filtration against air-borne particles.

To find out more information about our product certifications, please visit the Certified Quality section on our website. Please read and follow the updates published by the Government of Canada regarding non-medical masks or certified PPE.

While wearing the BUFF® Filter Mask, does it protect me against COVID-19? 

The BUFF® Filter Mask acts as a physical barrier to reduce the spread of larger droplets resulting from talking and/or coughing by the wearer when used correctly, providing the filter 98% filtration efficiency and high breathability. Also wearing the Buff® Filter Mask may help to limit touching of the mouth and nose. However, the BUFF® Filter Mask is not certified as a medical device or personal protective equipment. There is no scientific evidence that community/non-medical face masks are an effective means of respiratory protection for the wearer of the mask.

While wearing the BUFF® Filter Mask, does it protect others from me against COVID-19?

The BUFF® Filter Mask plays a somewhat similar role as a physical barrier to reduce the spread of larger droplets resulting from talking and/or coughing by the wearer when used correctly. The filter meets the performance requirements of the harmonized standard EN 14683:2019 + AC, with regard to Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE%) and Differential Pressure (Pa/cm²) (Breathability), obtaining the Type I and II classification. However, the BUFF® Filter Mask is not certified as a medical device or personal protective equipment. For more details visit our FAQ BUFF® Filter Mask.

Can I return my BUFF® Filter Mask or BUFF® Replacement Filter Pack? 

We are only accepting UN-OPENED BUFF® Filter Mask & BUFF® Replacement Filter Pack Boxes for return and refund. If the packaging has been opened and the product has been worn or the sterile packaging of the Replacement Filters has been opened we can't accept a return. Contact us for more details.

What is HEIQ VIROBLOCK®  treatment for? 

The fabric technology HeiQ V-Block protects the inside pocket fabric from microbes and germs. For more information about HeiQ V-Block, you may visit  this page

What are the sizes of the  BUFF® Filter Mask?

Find measurements, details, and size guide about the BUFF® Filter Mask, on this page.

    What is REPREVE®?

    REPREVE® is the leading, most trusted, branded performance fiber made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles). Buy products made with REPREVE® to make a difference.

    What do you mean by recycled polyester?

    REPREVE® transform recycled bottles into an amazing fiber, used by the world's leading brands to make athletic and fashion apparel and more. Our process embeds properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, and more at the fiber level. For reliable, durable quality.


    GORE® WINDSTOPPER® high-performance products block the fiercest wind, rain and cold and are constructed by laminating special membrane to functional fabrics like microfiber or fleece. GORE® WINDSTOPPER®’s membrane is also durable and water-repellent. Please visit the GORE® WINDSTOPPER® website for more information.

    What is Polygiene® Active Odor Control?

    Polygiene prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria at the source. To do this Polygiene® uses low concentrations of silver salt (silver chloride), which has antimicrobial properties. The treatment is applied at the finishing stages of textile production and field and lab tests show a high level of odor control beyond the usual lifespan of a garment. “Wear more, wash less!”

    What is Fastwick Extra Plus Fabric?

    Technically known as ‘hydrophobic materials’ – simply put they don’t like water and do not soak it up. A wicking fabric, that create an action to allow sweat/moisture to pass through the fabric to reach the surface quicker, hence evaporating faster. The fabric also allows cooler air to pass through.

    What do you mean for cooling effect in the CoolNet® UV+?

    Including: HeiQ cooling technology - Designed for a cooling function is activated when you are hot and sweaty and deactivated once cooling is complete. It helps to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

    How is BUFF® multifunctional headwear made?

    BUFF® mutlifunctional headwear is created through a proprietary knitting process using a special 100% polyester yarn called microfiber, in which the thinness of each filament is less than 1 dtex. The pores on the external surface of the textile become very small to prevent water and wind from passing through the fabric, but simultaneously ensure that the pores on the inside surface are big enough to make the fabric highly breathable.

    Where are BUFF® products made?

    Most BUFF® multifunctional headwear is manufactured in a purpose built factory in Igualada, just outside Barcelona in Spain. Every year millions are sold all over the globe.

    How do I wash my BUFF® headwear?

    For the majority of BUFF® products we recommend that you hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Because of their quick-drying fabric, you can simply lay flat to dry. Do not use fabric softener as it clogs the textile’s pores. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach and only use mild soap. Do not iron.

    What are all "ways to wear"?

    Please watch our video

    Does BUFF® multifunctional headwear come in only one size?

    Our mutifunctional headwear comes in a few different sizes. We have an adult size that fits most adults, an XL adult size, a junior size, kid size and baby size.

    Will my BUFF® stretch too much and lose its shape?

    No, BUFF® headwear will maintain its shape due to its four-way stretch.

    Where is the 100% natural merino wool from?

    Australia - Produced using exclusively renewable resources and processes always respectful with the animals to minimize the effects on the ecosystem.

    What is breathability and why is it so important when outdoors?

    Breathable garments have pores that allow the moisture to escape, keeping you comfortable. If moisture is allowed to build up in your clothing, it becomes damp and once you stop moving the dampness draws heat away, causing your body to cool down very quickly. This can be dangerous in cold weather in the outdoors.

    What is “moisture wicking” and why is it so important?

    Moisture wicking relates to synthetic materials that have been developed specifically to channel perspiration away from the skin. Any moisture that can be moved away from the skin will keep you dry and comfortable while active.

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