Everything you want to know about the New BUFF® Filter Mask


To be able to return or exchange a product, the following conditions apply.

 You may return your unworn and unwashed product with the original tags and packaging intact for a full refund less shipping within 30 days of the purchase date. Due to longer than usual processing and delivery times by our carriers we are extending this period to 60 days after purchase date until further notice.

  •  For health and safety reasons we are only accepting unworn and unwashed BUFF® Filter Masks & UN-OPENED BUFF® Replacement Filter Packs for return and refund. If the packaging of the Replacement Pack has been opened, we cannot accept a return.
  •  If you want to exchange the ordered product(s), please indicate which style (name/SKU) you would like to get instead.
  •  Only BUFF® products purchased on buff.com/ca can be returned/exchanged.

 All discounted products are final sale. Clearance items cannot be returned.

 Of course, if any product turns out to be defective or damaged upon arrival, it’s covered by our warranty and can be returned or exchanged for free. Manufacturer defects are covered by our warranty for up to one year after purchase date. Normal wear and tear are excluded from the warranty.

Return postage will be paid by Buff Canada Ltd. on returns for warranty purposes. Shipping & Handling fees as well as the fees for the return postage are non-refundable, unless an item is damaged or defective. 

Return procedure:

  1. Contact us and we will email the details to start your return process.
  2. Please include your order number in the return package.
  3. Mail your parcel with Canada Post to: Buff Canada, 120-105 Bow Meadows Cres. Canmore, AB, T1W 2W8
  4. After the product is received and inspected, we will issue a refund via Credit card or Paypal or process the product exchange as indicated.
  5. We will notify you once your return has been refunded.

Please note: Due to enhanced Health and Safety measures implemented with COVID-19, returns will be quarantined for 5 days after receipt prior to processing. Refunds/Exchanges can take up to 2-3 weeks.


  • While wearing the BUFF® Filter Mask, does it protect me against COVID-19? 

The BUFF® Filter Mask acts as a physical barrier to reduce the spread of larger droplets resulting from talking and/or coughing by the wearer when used correctly, providing the filter 98% filtration efficiency and high breathability. Also wearing the Buff® Filter Mask may help to limit touching of the mouth and nose. However, the BUFF® Filter Mask is not certified as a medical device or personal protective equipment. There is no scientific evidence that community/non-medical face masks are an effective means of respiratory protection for the wearer of the mask.

  • While wearing the BUFF® Filter Mask, does it protect others from me against COVID-19?

The BUFF® Filter Mask plays a somewhat similar role as a physical barrier to reduce the spread of larger droplets resulting from talking and/or coughing by the wearer when used correctly. The filter meets the performance requirements of the harmonized standard EN 14683:2019 + AC, with regard to Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE%) and Differential Pressure (Pa/cm²) (Breathability), obtaining the Type I and II classification. However, the BUFF® Filter Mask is not certified as a medical device or personal protective equipment.

  • What is HEIQ VIROBLOCK® treatment for? 

The fabric technology HeiQ V-Block protects the inside pocket fabric from microbes and germs. For more information about HeiQ V-Block, you may visit  this page

  • What are the sizes of the  BUFF® Filter Mask?

Find measurements, details, and size guide about the BUFF® Filter Mask, on this page.

  • Is it better than a homemade mask?  

The BUFF® Filter Mask is designed for lightweight comfort. The filter provides 98% filtration efficiency and high breathability. With the elastic bands, the BUFF® Filter Mask is adjustable on the back of the head for an individual fit, avoiding pressure points around the ears. 

  • Can I compare the performance provided by the filters used with the BUFF® Filter Mask with a Surgical Mask? 

Yes. The filters meet Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and breathability standard type I and II of the standard EN14683:2019 for Medical face masks.

  • Are there any other BUFF® products with tested filters as the BUFF® Filter mask?

The BUFF® Filter Mask is the only BUFF® product with an accredited laboratory. Our multifunctional headwear products may cover the entire front of the face (nose, mouth, chin, and neck), so they may help to limit touching of the mouse and nose. Direct or indirect contact is another way that transmission of COVID-19 can occur through the transfer of the virus from a hand to the mouth, nose, or eyes after touching a contaminated surface. However, our multifunctional headwear products are not intended for use to protect the wearer against infection or to avoid infecting others and are not certified as medical devices or Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Is BUFF® Filter Mask breathable? 

Yes. BUFF® Filter Mask is comfortable for everyday use and its filter meets breathability performance requirements obtaining type I and II classification of the standard EN14683:2019 for Medical Face Masks. 

  • When should I wear BUFF® Filter Mask?

Worldwide, face masks have become an essential accessory for daily activities like grocery shopping, using public transport, or going for a run. Considering the exceptional situation we are living these days, we recommend wearing your BUFF® Filter Mask when visiting businesses, closed spaces, when using public transport, and at certain workplaces (other than healthcare and similar) when it involves physical proximity to many other people. However, we strongly recommend you follow your local safety guidelines and regional authority instructions.

  • Can I use BUFF® Filter Mask for playing sports?

Yes; BUFF® Filter Mask fits great, stays securely in place, and works well for playing sports, meeting the breathability performance requirements of the standard EN14683:2019 obtaining type I and II.

  • Can I wear BUFF® Filter Mask with hot weather?

Yes; BUFF® Filter Mask is made with our CoolNet UV+® fabric which is lightweight, breathable, and features HeiQ Smart Temp cooling technology.


  • How do I  clean the BUFF® Filter Mask?

Once you remove your filter daily, we strongly recommend you wash the BUFF® Filter Mask at 60ºC to ensure total disinfection. Care instructions are: Machine-wash safe at 60ºC. Recommended delicate cycle and less than 30 mins washing program.

  • How often it is necessary to wash my BUFF® Filter Mask? 

The BUFF® Filter Mask should be washed immediately after use and every time you change the filter. This frequency depends on the usage time as well as the environment conditions where it is being used, but always after a maximum of 24h use.

  • Can I wash my BUFF® Filter Mask at 60º C? 

Yes; the BUFF® Filter Mask is reusable and can be washed at 60°C. In order to make the mask last longer, we recommend you to wash it in a delicate cycle and in a 30 minutes program.


  • How do I put on my BUFF® Filter Mask in a secure way?

The BUFF® Filter Mask is worn covering perfectly the nose, mouth, and chin of the user. Face masks need to be carefully put on and taken off in order to prevent self-contamination.

How to wear step by step:

  1. Before putting on the mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or with an alcohol-based solution.
  2. Place the filter in the mask pocket with clean hands as instructed.
  3. Place the mask carefully, ensuring it covers the mouth and nose areas.
  4. Place the upper strap on the head and adjust the mask on the nose and ears.
  5. Place on the chin and adjust the back of neck-straps.
  6. Once placed, avoid touching the mask with your hands while wearing it and if you do, wash your hands well with soap and water or with an alcohol-based solution.

A step-by-step video can be seen here.

  • How do I take off my BUFF® Filter Mask in a secure way?
  1. Remove the mask from the back, without touching the front of the face mask. Handle the mask by the back fastenings to pull the face mask away from your face instead of pulling the face mask up and along your forehead.
  2. Remove the filter and dispose of it immediately upon removal. Used filters should be placed in an airtight container (e.g. plastic bag) and discarded to avoid contamination. When removing the mask and filter, avoid the contact between the filter and the face, fingers/hands to prevent self-contamination.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or with an alcohol-based solution. 

A step-by-step video can be seen here.

  • How do I adjust my BUFF® Filter Mask?

The BUFF® Filter Mask can be adjusted by the two back of the head and neck-straps.

  • How many sizes of BUFF® Filter Mask are available?

The BUFF® Filter Mask  fits most people and comes in two sizes: Adults and Kids. View the full collection here.

  • Does the BUFF® Filter Mask work with glasses?

Yes; BUFF® Filter Mask is adjustable on the back of the head for an individual fit so you will be able to wear glasses comfortably. However, we strongly recommend that you adjust your BUFF® Filter Mask to avoid fogging of your glasses.

  • Does the BUFF® Filter Mask work with long, short, and curly hair?

The BUFF® Filter Mask has two elastic bands adjustable on the back of the head and it works with all haircuts and hairstyles.

  • Does it hurt your ears when you wear it many hours?

No; with the elastic bands the BUFF® Filter Mask is adjustable on the back of the head for an individual fit, avoiding common pressure points around the ears. 

  • Do the seams leave marks on your face when you wear it?

No; the BUFF® Filter Mask has an ergonomic design in our lightweight CoolNet UV+® exclusive fabric providing all-day comfort. Thanks to the seams being bonded with a thin bonding tape, the seams are completely flat and leave no mark on your face while wearing the mask.


  • Are the filters certified?

The Filters have been tested by an accredited laboratory and meet the performance requirements of BFE and breathability standard EN14683:2019 obtaining type I and II classification.

  • How do I place a new filter?

Before handling the filter on your BUFF® Filter Mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or with an alcohol-based solution. Then, insert a new filter into the inside pocket of the mask. Make sure that the filter is completely flat and fitted into the shape of the inside pocket and does not protrude from the upper edge of the inside pocket.

A step-by-step video can be seen here.

  • How do I remove a filter?

The filter can be easily removed from the pocket once the user considers it necessary, but always after a maximum of 24h use. Remove the filter and dispose of it immediately upon removal. Used filters should be placed in an airtight container (e.g. plastic bag) and discarded to avoid contamination. Once done, you can through it away at a plastics recycling container.

  • Can I use the BUFF® Filter Mask without the filter?

We recommend always using the filter for maximum performing and filtration efficiency. The filter has a special design to fit in the BUFF® Filter Mask that has been tested and meets the performance requirements of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and breathability of standard EN14683:2019 Medical Face Masks obtaining type I and II classification.

  • How long can I use a filter before it needs to be replaced?

Filters for BUFF® Filter Mask provide 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency up to 24h use, depending on the intensity of use and environment conditions. For maximum filtration efficiency, you should replace them on a daily basis.

  • How should I throw filters away?

Used filters should be placed in an airtight container (e.g. plastic bag) and discarded immediately to avoid possible contamination. Once done, you can through it away at a plastics recycling container.

  • How many filters are included with the BUFF® Filter mask?

Each BUFF® Filter Mask includes five replacement filters.

  • Can I buy extra filters pack? How many filters are included in the replacement pack?

Yes; you can find Filter Packs with 30 replacement filters at buff.com for both Adults and Kids sizes.

  • Where do I get replacement Filters?

Replacement Filter Pack for BUFF® Filter Mask for sale at buff.com and in selected BUFF® stores.

  • Can I use other filters that are not from BUFF®?

We do not recommend using any other filter as we cannot ensure the performance of the combination of the mask and the filter. The BUFF® Filter Mask has been specifically designed to be used with the Filter to obtain peak functionality and performance. The BUFF® Filter Mask incorporates an inside pocket created to perfectly fit the Filter. The filters are manufactured by Ahlstrom-Munksjö with a special design to fit the BUFF® Filter Mask, meeting the performance requirements of the harmonized standard EN 14683:2019 + AC, with regard to Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE%) and Differential Pressure (Pa/cm²) (Breathability), obtaining the Type I and II classification and have been packed in a clean room type according to the requests of the Standard EN ISO 13485 “Medical Devices. Quality Management System”.


  • Is there a daily purchase limit for BUFF® Filter Mask?

No; there is no purchase limit for BUFF® Filter Mask.

  • Is there a daily purchase limit for filters?

Yes; We have a maximum purchase of one (1) Filter Packs, per day.

  • What are the shipping costs for these products?

Shipping cost is calculated before tax, free shipping to Canada is available with a minimum purchase of $50 before tax. We ship all orders trackable with Canada Post.

Standard Shipping under $50 via Canada Post Expedited (tracked) - $9.50
Standard Shipping over $50 via Canada Post Expedited (tracked) - FREE
Canada Post Xpresspost - $20.00 - We are currently not offering Express Shipping as Canada Post can't guarantee the delivery times. We will review and update the shipping methods as soon as possible.
Other Shipping Options: FedEx Ground (any order) - $15.00

  • How long will I wait to receive my BUFF® Filter Mask once purchased?

Standard order processing times are 24-48 hours following the order. 

For further information on shipping and deliveries, please click here.


  • Why is ORIGINAL BUFF collaborating with UNICEF?

We are committed to social responsibility and we think caring more is vital. That’s why we decided to sign a Corporate Alliance with UNICEF as one of our responses to face COVID-19 and its consequences.

Transparency and accountability are fundamentals for UNICEF in delivering development and humanitarian results for children. We are pleased to share the annual report of UNICEF, where you can find in detail the scope of the work in favour of children that guarantees the efficient use of funds obtained through collaborations such as the one with BUFF. Find out more details here.

    • What will be ORIGINAL BUFF offering to UNICEF?

    We are donating 2% of our profit to UNICEF projects. BUFF and UNICEF collaborates together against COVID-19 and its consequences on children and societies of the most vulnerable countries, focusing in Syria and Senegal. You can access more information about the alliance with BUFF through the following link.

    • Is this donation coming exclusively from BUFF® Filter mask sales?

    No; we will be donating 2% of our profits from all our sales products.

    • Will the agreement with NGO’s be effective in my country?

    One of the projects we are supporting allows UNICEF to work with health experts to promote facts over fear, bringing trustworthy guidance to parents, caregivers and educators. They are on the ground in more than 190 countries, partnering with front-line responders and providing them with the information and resources they need to keep children and their families healthy and learning, protected from sickness and violence.

    • How many projects is BUFF® supporting with the UNICEF alliance?

    We will be supporting three key projects:

    • Global humanitarian action for children: advises families in 190 countries about safety and hygiene measures.
    • Fighting against COVID-19 in Syria: educational campaign explains disease prevention and simultaneously distributes hundreds of thousands of bars of soap.
    • Fighting against COVID-19 in Senegal: this project supplies clean water to locations where it is most sorely needed, thus improving hygiene and contributing toward minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

    For more details, click here.