FAQ Custom BUFF® | BUFF® Canada

What is the minimum order size?

Most of our customized products have a minimum order of 100 units. The exceptions are Reflective (150 units) and Merino Wool (300 units).

How long does it take to create a BUFF® custom order?

This depends on the product, quantity, and design work required. Initial design proofs take 5-6 days and each design change request takes 1-2 days business days.  After your design is approved the production can take as little as two weeks for an order of Original BUFF® up to 500 units. Please be detailed about your request and timeline when you contact us.

What do I need to create a custom BUFF® product?

To use our free design service, you need to send us your design ideas (colours, patterns, number of logos, etc.) and your logo in vector format. AI, EPS, SVG and TIF are all acceptable file types.

What is a vector file? Why do you need my logo in that format?

A vector file is a graphic made up of lines and shapes, instead of pixels. It can be easily incorporated into the design and resized without distortion or losing image quality. 

Because we print your design onto the fabric rather than paper, we need to start with the highest resolution possible to make sure that your design is as clean and crisp as possible when it’s printed. Vector files ensure that the quality of your customized product is as high as what we sell in stores.

Can I submit my own design?

Of course! Ask us for a template design file for the product you want to order, or submit your artwork with directions about how it should be applied to the product. Artwork should be submitted in vector format, a high-resolution image or high-resolution scan (300 dpi or greater).

What designs can I choose from?

We want every project to be unique so each design is created specially for you without using a design template. You can help us understand what you want and make the design process quicker by providing details on: who the design is for or what type of event it will be used at, your brand colours, what branding elements or logos you want to use, and if the product will be for sale or not. You can also send us images of patterns you like and we can create something similar. The design team has access to stock images and graphics but they don’t have everything. Location specific images or personalized graphics may have to be provided by the client in the correct format if they are required for the design.

What are my colour options?

Any colours you want! As many colours as you want!  We don’t want to limit your colour choice or charge you for more colours. We can match coated Pantone® colours exactly. See your options here: https://www.pantone.com/color-finder#/pick

Can I get the same design in different colours?

Our prices include only one design. Within that one design, you can use as many colours as you want. We do have an option for multiple colours in one order with a simplified design.  For this option we take your logo, in 1 colour, and print it onto different solid colour neckwear from our regular season’s collection. This option is only available for the Original product and no custom colours are possible.

Does the BUFF® logo need to be on the design?

Yes, the BUFF® logo will be printed on the product but it will be well integrated into the design.

How long does shipping take and what does it cost?

Shipping your order will take 2-5 days with FedEx Express and the cost for shipping is included in the unit price.

Can I order one customized BUFF® product?

The minimum order quantity for our custom products is 100 units.

Is there a rush option that I can pay for?

At this time we don’t have an option to rush design or production. Be sure to run your product, quantity, and deadline by us in advance and be aware that we can’t confirm your deadline until the design work is completed.

Tips to help the design process go faster:

  1. Browse our gallery of past designs and tell us what you like
  2. Send us pictures of background patterns of interest, we can work from those
  3. Draw a mock-up showing logo or text placement
  4. If you need specific colours, tell us the coated Pantone® colour
  5. Have your logo ready in vector format and your images high resolution (300 dpi minimum)


Need more details on Custom BUFF® Project?

Contact us: we are here to help you!

The customer service agents at BUFF® Canada will be happy to help you. You can reach our team by email

Telephone: We also provide customer service via phone: 1-866-473-3639 (Mon-Fri, 8.00-17.00 MST).

BUFF® tip: For inquiries about orders, please indicate your order number. We do our best to answer all inquiries within 24-48 hours.