Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival


The Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival and Festival World Tour embody the spirit of the mountains and inspire adventure all across North America. As a continued sponsor of the festival, we value that inspiration and we work hard to help you gear up to live for adventure. We are proud to present the a new edition of the official Festival Original Multifunctional Headwear.

Banff Film Festival

The artwork of John Fellows

For his work, John draws inspiration from his travels and adventures to places such as the Swiss and French Alps, sailing Baja and the Caribbean, rafting the Grand Canyon as well as running around the mountains of his home state of Colorado. Grizzled mountain men, salty sailors, stormy seas and rugged mountains layered on used nautical charts and topographic maps draw the viewer in and hopefully trigger memories of their own past travels and experiences.

100% Recycled

Now made from 100% recycled microfiber using plastic bottles supplied and certified by Repreve®. Each product contain 2 recycled plastic bottles!