BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM: The team welcomes new bikers this season

Following an excellent 2019, the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM is launching a new season with lots of changes, including the fact that the team has a new member in Konny Looser, one of the leading names in MTB Marathon.


Konny, who began his sporting career in 2011, is one of the world’s top bikers. He’s participated no fewer than seven times in The Cape Epic, one of the toughest cycling races, and has ranked during the Swiss Epic race on a number of occasions, as well as being declared XCM Champion in 2017. Regarding his new association with the team, the Swiss rider stated: “I’m honoured that they’ve put their trust in me, and that they have given me the opportunity to run for the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM and to be associated with such important industry brands. I’m really happy to be a part of this structure and to be able to help the team meet its goals.”


The rest of the team – Enrique Morcillo, Francesc Guerra, Miguel Muñoz, Daniel Carreño and Jose María Sánchez – are back once again year, apart from Portuguese athlete Luis Leão Pinto who announced his retirement from competitions halfway through last year. The team’s successful trajectory has also led to the renewal and extension of sponsorship contracts.


For the fourth consecutive season, Pau Zamora will once again be the Team Manager for the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM, taking over the athletic planning management and the team strategy for this year. He’s stated the following:We will stay in the same line as recent years, mixing domestic and international races. We will add other international races to the greatest extent possible so that racers can have different challenges. At the beginning of this season, we can confirm that we’ll be at Costa Blanca, Mediterranean Epic, Andalucía Bike Race and Cape Epic, where we’re scheduled to go with two pairs. From here on out, we will be planning our calendar based on the feelings of each racer and adapting it to the needs of the team and sponsors”.



BUFF® will dress the team with some of its star accessories that will help riders in their efforts to achieve the best results. The brand’s emblematic Thermonet® tubulars are the perfect complement for winter training and competitions. Developed with a techno-fabric that stands out for being an excellent thermal insulator, they also feature the excellent ability to dry quickly and expel sweat from the body, thus avoiding the possibility of it freezing. And for the summer months, the BUFF® SCOTT MTB TEAM racers will use the models created using revolutionary CoolNet UV+® material. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it incorporates innovative HeiQ technology, which helps sweat evaporate more efficiently, thus providing a greater feeling of freshness and dry skin. Plus, the fabric features UPF 50+ protection against ultraviolet light. This is a seamless ultra-light design that stretches in four different directions, making it extremely comfortable and adaptable. Likewise, this tubular model is complemented with other designs such as the CoolNet UV+® Reflective, which features reflective details that improve visibility in low light conditions, or the CoolNet UV+® with Insect Shield, which keeps insects away. Other BUFF® models used by the team’s members will be the range of Pack Bike Cap hats, which can be folded to their minimum size and which recover their original shape once unfolded. In addition, these hats can be worn under the helmet for greater protection.


Marqués de Riscal and Tactic-Sport are once again sponsored for the third and second consecutive year, respectively. The wineries thus maintain their support for the MTB universe and allow one to toast to the successes achieved with Arienzo de Marqués de Riscal. Tactic, meanwhile, will once again support the equipment of the BUFF® SCOTT MTB Team, with the creation of the exclusive design of its Hard Day range. As for electronics and navigation, the WAHOO element ROAM will be the team’s official GPS.


On the other hand, new companies are joining the list of sponsors of the BUFF® SCOTT MTB Team this new season. The renowned Italian tire brand PIRELLI will provide the SCORPION Hard Terrain and Mixed Terrain models for the mountain bike and the P Zero Velo model for the road bike. The nutrition company PROZIS will provide food and hydration to achieve the objectives before, during and after the races. The agreement also means that team followers can obtain brand products with a 10% discount using the code BUFF-SCOTT on www.prozis.com. Another new addition to this season is the partnership with MASQUEBICI www.masquebici.com that will provide physiotherapy services to the team. And, as the official vehicle, the team will get around in a Mercedes Vito Tourer, thanks to STERN MOTOR.