Differences and benefits between hiking & trekking

Getting into the outdoors can be daunting if you’re just starting out. One of the best activities, accessible to most of us is hiking and trekking. Whether you’re heading out for a day or heading into the wilderness for multiple days at a time, walking the trails of wilderness is one of the best ways to get outside. Both activities can be done all year round, however it’s important to have the skills and gear you need for the adventure.

BUFF® have winter headwear and neckwear accessories to keep you warm in winter and when up the mountains in all seasons. Often people wonder which is better; Trekking vs hiking, but really they are both great, unique, and come with some incredible benefits. We at BUFF® love getting outside whether it’s for a few hours or for days, deciding between trekking vs hiking is hard, so here are some benefits and facts to help you.

Trekking vs Hiking, What’s the Difference?

Often confused with one another, there is actually a big difference between hiking and trekking. Let’s start with Hiking. Hiking often follows footpaths and trails and can be easily done in a day or one overnight. You might walk through people flat coastal trails or high up into the mountains, but you can usually go on a hiking adventure in a day. Making it a great activity for beginners.

Trekking often takes us off trail, through natural wilderness for days, weeks and even months at a time. Requiring a bit more knowledge of navigation and physical fitness.

When looking at trekking vs hiking, one requires a lot more gear than the other. Our BUFF® winter headwear and neckwear accessories are great for both. Trekking requires you to carry everything you need to survive for multiple days whereas, hiking trips have light backpacks often filled with snacks and water only.

Now, let’s check out some of the benefits of both hiking and trekking!

Improved Physical Fitness

Whether you’re a keen hiker or an avid trekking explorer, both options have the benefit of improving your physical health. Carrying heavy weight on your back and walking long distances, uphill, and over natural obstacles, will use muscles that rarely get exercised. Hiking with a backpack improves your core strength, your stamina will improve as you hike longer distances and you’ll find you hips, legs, and glutes get toned!

Better Mental Health

Regardless of the physical benefits that come with hiking and trekking, both are great for working on your mental health. Getting outside, into the outdoors has been proven to reduce depression and anxiety levels even if you spend as little as thirty minutes outside.

When trekking for long periods of time you will have a mental game to play and the longer you trek, harder you hike, and the more time spent outside will help you overcome these thoughts.

Explore the Unexplored

Hiking trails although well-trodden can take you to some incredibly unique and undisturbed places. Trekking will take you through wilderness that otherwise may not be possible to get to. Regardless of whether you’re walking trails or bush bashing through wilderness, you’ll explore places that before were unexplored for you. This sense of exploration will give you a natural high and drive to explore more.

Make sure you’re wearing the right gear like our BUFF® Polar product range, so when you stop to take in the view or have a cup of coffee, you’ll stay warm.

It’ll Inspire You and Makes you Creative!

The outdoors leaves you with a natural high and each adventure, whether it is hiking or trekking, leaves you inspired to do more. When hiking the trails, you often meet others along the way who will inspire you as well. When trekking the wilderness, you may not meet another person, but your creativity will come alive. Whether it’s a creative way of keeping you busy that night or writing to inspire others, the inspiration is hard to deny.

Trekking vs hiking: it’s hard to choose the best option. Whichever you choose, make sure you have our BUFF® Polar range to keep you warm when hiking the trails and exploring wilderness.