BUFF® PRO TEAM 2017: Experienced plus promising new riders in trail running

We have presented the BUFF® PRO TEAM 2017, its new trail running team for this season, which has more members than ever. The renowned athletes who have been part of the BUFF® family: Núria Picas, Pau Bartoló, Zaid Ait Malek and Gerard Morales, in addition to Yeray Durán, Manuela Vilaseca, Iván Camps and Mario Olmedo, are joined by three of the most promising young riders in this discipline: Sheyla Avilés, Ernest Ausirò and Adrià Duarri.

The novelty and freshness that these new faces bring as they begin to carve a niche for themselves in the demanding world of trail running is complemented by the experience of the renowned members who have more than proven their skill in recent years. Furthermore, the team will also be fortunate to call Pau Zamora its Team Manager yet again. After several seasons of planning and caring for the team, Pau Zamora has accumulated knowledge of each of the athletes which makes him a key part in the team’s success.

The new BUFF® PRO TEAM includes both celebrated riders and promising young trail runners in Spain

The races that are on the 2017 calendar include the famous Ultratrail World Tour, including UTMB, Transgrancanaria and Lavaredo, and the SKYRUNNER WORLD SERIES, including the third edition of the BUFF® Epic Trail, Zegama, Transvulcania and Ultrapirineu. Participation in two of the best trail running circuits in the entire world is joined by other important national races in the Gran Premio BUFF® SCOTT.

Regarding the athletes’ equipment, new products include the SPORT SS17 collection; the new and revolutionary PACK RUN CAP, an ultra-light high-performance cap which can barely be felt on the head or in the pocket and can be folded to become extremely small, immediately recovering its shape when unfolded; as well as the new PACK RUN VISOR, a reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic headband but with a built-in foldable visor which lowers the sense of heat by keeping the sun off the face while avoiding glare at the same time. Likewise, the BUFF® PRO TEAM will compete with the new trail running equipment excels for taking yet another step forward in its design, thus materializing the brand’s DNA, which is known for its high standards in the graphic design of its products.


  • Núria Picas. One of the best long-distance trail racers, she was the world champion in 2012, sub-champion in Europe in Ultras in 2013 and champion of the Utra Trail World Tour in 2014 and 2015. Some of the most noteworthy races in her record of accomplishments include her 2nd-place finish at the UTMB in 2014 and her 1st-place finish in the TNF 100 Australia and in the Transgrancanaria in 2014 and 2015. She was also the winner of the BUFF® EPIC TRAIL AIGÜESTORTES in 2014 and 2015. This BUFF® athlete began strong in 2017 by beating the record in her victory in the Vibram Hong Kong 100.



The season begins with a victory and record by NÚRIA PICAS in the race leading up to the Ultra Trail World Tour, the Vibram Hong Kong 100.


  • Pau Bartoló. A fireman, coach and mountain racer, he has participated in several BTT world cups and is the coach of several athletes, including Núria Picas and Marc Coma. In 2014 he came in first place in the Transgrancanaria ADVANCED and the CCC of the UTMB®. In 2015 he won the TDS of the UTMB.
  • Zaid Ait Malek. A rider with Moroccan roots who began racing in 2011. Since then he has won several races, like the Copa de Andalucía and the Campeonato Nacional de Carreras. In 2014 he came in 2nd in the Transgrancanaria ADVANCE and won a spot on the podium in the SkyRunning World Series. In 2015 he came in 2nd in the Ultra Pirineu. In 2016 he was the overall champion of the Gran Premio BUFF® Salomon in mountain races.
  • Gerard Morales. His career has been peppered with countless victory and participation in many high-level competitions. In 2014 he won the overall prize at the Spain Ultra Cup by winning his last race, and he also won the Ultra Trail Collserola. In 2015 he came in 2nd in the BUFF® EPIC RUN AIGÜESTORTES. In 2016 Gerard Morales was proclaimed the long-distance champion of Spain. His experience and class make him one of the most popular racers with the media around the world.
  • Yeray Duran. This athlete from the Canary Islands won 5th in the Ultra Pirineu in 2014, 4th in the Transgrancanaria in 2014 and 1st in the Copa Canarias de Carreras por Montaña in 2012 and 2013. In 2016 he came in 5th in the first trial of the UTWT held in Hong Kong, and 6th in the World Championship of the BUFF® Epic Trail, and he got a well-earned 2nd place in the TDS of the UTMB.
  • Manuela Vilaseca. Born in Río de Janeiro, this former adventure raid racer and nature lover has participated in competitions in the Ultra Trail World Tour calendar, as well as the Transgrancanaria and the Ultra Trail Lavaredo, ending up in 5th place in both of them. She also won the Ultra Fjord and participated in The North Face Endurance Challenge Brazil and UTMB. Manu Vilaseca is facing a season full of challenges which she is ready to tackle full of enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Ivan Camps. This young rider born in Berga won the Ultra Trail de Collserola in 2015 and came in 14th in the Ultra Pirineu. 2016 5 OCC UTMB, TOP 10 ULTRA PIRINEU A safe bet for medium- and long-distance races.
  • Mario Olmedo. Born in Granada and just 23 years old, in 2015 he achieved notable results, such as coming in 4th in the overall of the Copa España, being named champion of Spain and landing on two podiums in some of his races, in addition to ranking 16th in the Ultra Pirineu. 
  • Sheila Avilés. Competing in trail running for just two years, this young (26) rider from Igualada has garnered such impressive results as ranking second in the SKYRUNNER NATIONAL SERIES mountain races (2014-15). She also ranked 1st overall in the Sardinia Skyline (20 km 1000+ en 2h, 08m) and 4th in the Livigno Skymarathon Alta Valletina skyrunning (34 km 2700+) (SKYWORLDSERIES), among many others, more than enough proof to regard her as one of the most promising female trail runners and predicting a season at the helm of the main short- and medium-distance races.
  • Ernest Ausiró. Born in Torelló, at the age of 26 the progression of his athletic career in the trail running competition is steady and unstoppable. In 2014 Ausiró was ranked 5th in the first edition of the BUFF® Epic Trail 105 km. In 2015 he came in 11th in the Transvulcania World Championship. In 2016 Ausiró came in 2nd in the Vertical Km of the Olla de Núria, ranked first in the Ultra Trail Catllaras and also won the la Ultra Trail of Ulldeter. 
  • Adrià Duarri. He is the youngest member of the team, just 19 years old and with a promising future ahead of him. He began the season by combining downhill skiing and trail running races and is expected to get great results in the Sub 23 and the Vertical Km.