JolandaLand Episode 2 – ‘Pending ‘

Building on its successful debut, a new edition has arrived of the documentary about the life of professional cyclist and BUFF® ambassador Jolanda Neff

A long road to recovery

After the excellent reception of the documentary’s first episode, in which Jolanda revealed her personal and professional life in her first year as a BUFF® ambassador—all while looking back on her accident and the serious injury that derailed her career—the second edition is here. It covers her months of recovery, the effort put into her rehabilitation, the daily training sessions upon her return to Switzerland and her return to mountain biking in North Carolina.

“My recovery has been amazing, I was really lucky. I have been surrounded by incredible people who have helped me move in the right direction”, Jolanda says in one part of the documentary.

Learning to slow down

After returning to Switzerland to recover, the athlete had to pace herself on the road back to health. Top-level athletes are prone to pushing themselves too hard and Jolanda is no exception, having to learn to slow down and go step by step.

After the first few weeks you feel good again but, on the other hand, you know your body needs more time. When the pain subsides, athletes want to speed up their recovery. But it has to be gradual, finding a balance between the doctor and the patient”, commented Patrick Noack, the doctor of the Swiss Olympic team.

A new & uncertain stage

This second episode also shows the cancellation of the first competitions that Jolanda had on the agenda, due to the onset of the Covid-19 crisis. It shows how this situation has affected her plans for training and competing. The new and uncertain stage she is facing in these upcoming months without competitions is yet another challenge for the athlete. At the same time, it’s a chance for her to make a full recovery.

You can watch Episode 2 of Jolandaland ‘Pending’ here: