Top 3 CrossFit workouts for beginners

One of the greatest and most community driven workout groups in the world is CrossFit. The mixture of fast workout training (HIIT), heavy weight training and being involved in a community has pulled us all in. There are not many exercise groups that encourage you to support, talk and be there for one another. But it can be daunting to step into a CrossFit gym with no previous experience. So why not try some CrossFit workouts for beginners before stepping into the box?

CrossFit workouts for beginners can be done at home, in your local gym, outside or wherever you’ve got some space. You’ll need basic workout equipment and while working out you want to make sure you are prepared. These are high intensity workouts, so you want to keep cool, be comfortable and make sure your hair is tamed. We’ve got you on that! BUFF® have workout headwear that are perfect for CrossFit. Made with our CoolNet UV+® Fabric it’ll protect you from the sun if you’re practising outside, has a cooling effect, ultra-light and the best bit, our workout headwear are made from 95% recycled materials. Now there is nothing stopping you on trying our top 3 CrossFit workouts for beginners.

Mountain Climbers are one of the best CrossFit Workouts for Beginners

This workout is great if you’re looking to build cardio endurance, core strength and agility. Get your BUFF® CoolNet UV+® headband on for this one as you are sure to sweat! Put yourself into a plank position on your hands, then bring a knee up to your elbow one at a time, as fast as you can. Keep your bum low and back straight and keep your core tight, to really feel the burn! Time yourself and make a goal, when it comes to crossfit workouts for beginners, this is used a lot!

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Get your workout headwear on for Kettlebell Russian Twists

Russian twists are one of the best CrossFit workouts for beginners, you will really feel it the next day! This workout may not be as sweat inducing, but trust us, you’ll feel it. Working primarily your abs and core; Kettlebell Russian Twists will also help to improve your balance, stability in your spine while building rock hard abs. It’s important to get your body into the right position. Sitting with your feet flat on the floor and the kettlebell held with two hands hovering above your hips. Lean back so your feet are lifted off the floor, but don’t lay down. Move the kettlebell from one side of your waist to the other. This is a killer workout but for those looking for CrossFit workouts for beginners, it’s one of the best.

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CrossFit workouts for beginners aren’t solo, grab a partner for the Medicine Ball Throw

Finally, one you can rope your partner into doing with you. Afterall, CrossFit is a community! So, get your BUFF® workout headwear on and get ready, Medicine Ball throws are a great full body workout. This exercise will work your shoulders, biceps & triceps, legs, abs, and upper back! Keeping your legs just over should width apart hold the medicine ball with both hands and swing your hips while you throw the ball to your partner. They should catch it and swing into the catch to reduce impact. Once caught throw it back. Make it fun and see how long you can do it before the other drops it, make penalties if you do drop it. Raise the stakes, put some competition into it and make it fun!

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All three of these are great CrossFit workouts for beginners. Practice the technique and once you’re ready, ramp up those reps and get your sweat on. These three basic workouts are great not only for specific areas but when put together form a hard, full-body workout that you’ll feel the next day. Don’t forget your BUFF® workout headwear for these exercises, being cool, keeping sweat out your eyes and hair off your face makes getting through those last reps so much easier.